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Today we will see Yoda quotes with images, a fictional character from the famous movie series Star Wars universe.

This character first appeared in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. This is an alien. Which is small and green. Which is small but very powerful. So let’s know about Yoda in detail.

Who Is Yoda?

Yoda is a character from Star Wars who is known as a wise master. He is very popular due to his distinctive style. Its age is stated to be 900 years in the film Return of the Jedi. Yoda empowers Ray as a guru to confront him with the Jedi.

What Is The Concept and Creation of The Yoda Character?


Frank Oz is the voice of the Yoda character. Yoda is a small character, so its costume has been worn by dwarf actors Deep Roy and Warwick Davis. But both these artists were not given much credit for this.

Yoda’s face is created by make-up artist Stuart Freeborn. They made a face of Yoda with Albert Ain’s face with his own face together. Yoda is depicted as a puppet in most of the film. And this puppet was designed by Nick Dudman.

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Yoda was then recreated in 2011 for the Blu-ray release of Phantom Men’s. And that was revealed in the 2012 Theatrical 3D release.

Yoda’s character originally appears in Canon books and it’s media. And he is known as the “Grand Master of the Jedi Order”. However, Yoda is not the main character of this comic but a supporting character of the comic.

Yoda’s Popularity

Yoda Statue
Yoda’s Statue At the Letterman Center

Just as Star Wars is quite popular, similarly Yoda’s character is also very famous. A statue of Yoda has also been made at a Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco. Yoda was named the 25th largest film character by Empire magazine in 2007.

And website Fandomania.com ranked Yoda in 60th on its list of the world’s 100 greatest fictional characters. From this, you can guess the popularity of Yoda.

In addition, in 2019 Poundland, a discount store, used Yoda’s voice in its self-service checkout at its stores in the United Kingdom. So, we have learned a lot about Yoda. Finally, let’s see some Yoda quotes with images.

Yoda Quotes And Sayings :

yoda quotes and sayings
You need to be Patience for anything.

There are many truths that depend on our point of view. – Yoda

If the number of people is small then we have to enlarge your mind. – Yoda

yoda quotes and sayings
Keep your attachment under control because attachment leads to jealousy. Which takes us into the shadow of greed.

A person can be in these two roles. One master and another trainee. – Yoda

Adventure. Excitement. These two things must happen in everyone’s life. – Yoda

yoda quotes
Feel your inner strength!

If you are not using deceit for a good thing, then you will be called a coward. – Yoda

We should answer power only with power. – Yoda

yoda quotes
We should learn what we want to learn.

The mind of a young child is truly wonderful. – Yoda

War does not make a great warrior great. – Yoda

yoda quotes
If you have everything, then prepare yourself to lose yourself first.

Yoda Quotes About Fear :

Our fear creates anger and anger produces hatred towards others. And hatred gives us sorrow. – Yoda

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There is no need to fear death because death is a natural part of our life. – Yoda

yoda quotes about fear
Fear is the path that leads us to darkness.

Yoda Quotes About Trying :

Remember that you only get what you bring. – Yoda

You have to decide your path. – Yoda

If you have not made a mistake yet, you are missing something. – Yoda

yoda quotes about trying
If you want to do some work then just trying will not work.

Yoda Quotes About The Dark Side :

When we are on a dark path, only knowledge illuminates that path. – Yoda

If you become powerful, then you should understand its dark side too. – Yoda

yoda quotes about the dark side
If you are starting to walk on the dark path then remember that you will never come out of it.