Why You’re Not Happy

In today’s competitive age, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed. Unfortunately, this can lead to tension among people. At the same time, the definition of happiness has moved closer to materialism. While money can certainly bring satisfaction, but there are other factors that can contribute to true happiness. 

In this post, I have highlighted several common obstacles between man and his happiness, which should be removed. Though these barriers are often overlooked, they can have a significant impact on one’s happiness & contentment.

Things That Make You Unhappy:



Jealousy is a fire that does the most damage to the one who ignites it. For instance, imagine you have purchased a brand-new car worth fifteen lakhs and you are very happy. However, after a while, you see your neighbor’s luxurious car worth fifty lakhs. Witnessing this can make you jealous of your neighbor, simultaneously diminishing the joy of having your new car.

Envy can quickly swallow your joy, so be content with what you have and avoid comparing yourself to others. Only then can you find true happiness in life.

Think Positive With This Quote:

Sometimes jealousy is your mind’s way of showing you how much you care about someone.


An Unfulfilled Desire:

Unfulfilled Desire

You should also accept that man’s desires are like the inexhaustible waters of the sea, which will never run out. Consequently, true contentment can only be achieved by learning to control one’s desires.

The best way to do that is to make a desire that you can achieve. Doing so will bring you a sense of accomplishment and strengthen your self-confidence. Remember, don’t make the mistake of wishing for something that is beyond your reach. Instead, focus on what is achievable and strive to make it a reality.

The Positive Side:

It’s unfulfilled dreams or desires that keep you alive.

Robert Schuller



Today, we observe widespread dissatisfaction; some are unhappy with their physical appearance, others with their career, and even some with their life. Everywhere we look, we see people in a state of depression, and this can be contagious.

Research has revealed that about 91% of women are unsatisfied with their typical body composition. That’s such a huge number. To get out of this mental illness of dissatisfaction, Start following the things given below.

1. Step out of the alluring imaginary world of social media.

2. Accept yourself.

3. Do what you love to do. (This doesn’t mean you should quit your job!)

4. Be religious. You heard right, this will awaken self-satisfaction in you and you will become optimistic.

Keep Balance And Be Happy:

Be dissatisfied enough to improve, but satisfied enough to be happy.

J. Harold Smith

Inadequate Understanding Of Relationships:

Inadequate Understanding Of Relationships

These days, people are taking relationships very lightly, resulting in a dramatic surge in divorce rates. According to data, the number of divorce cases has skyrocketed by 251.8% since 1960. 

The most significant factor contributing to this phenomenon is the proliferation of the internet, the rise of materialism, and increased stress and depression. As a result, people are becoming increasingly desensitized to emotion.

One of the few solutions to this issue is to increase physical contact & communication. Spend more time with real-life friends rather than just virtual ones, limit mobile device usage to work-related tasks, and watch emotionally-charged movies. Doing so can help to foster a sense of connection and belonging.

The Important Part Of Healthy Relationship:

Communication to a relationship is like oxygen is to life. Without it, it dies.

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

These were some of the primary factors contributing to the decline in people’s happiness. Fortunately, there are solutions that can be implemented to improve well-being and make your life more fulfilling.