Viktor Frankl Quotes

In this post, we will see the world-famous book man’s search for meaning author and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl quotes with images. He has written more than 39 books. So let’s know some things about them.

Who Is Viktor Frankl?

Viktor Frankl’s full name is Viktor Emil Frankl. He was born on 26 March 1905 in Vienna, the largest city in Austria. His father’s name is Gabriel Frankl who served as a director in the Ministry of Services for the Government. And his mother’s name is Elsa Frankl.

Viktor Frankl Life :

Viktor Frankl did his primary study in junior high school. He was interested in psychology from the school itself. When he was in high school, he used to go to the Adult Education Center studying psychology.

He studies psychology at Spurligmanium High School. In 1923, he graduated from the Gymnasium. And studied medicine at the University of Vienna for specialized practice in neurology and psychiatry.

In 1924, Frankl published his first scientific paper in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. Then in 1925 papers on psychiatry and worldview were published in the International Journal of Individual Psychology.

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Viktor Frankl Career :

As a medical student between 1928 and 1930 organized special youth counseling centers for adolescents occurring around the end of the year report card. 

This camp was free for all students. Not a single Viennese student committed suicide because of the camp in 1931. The success of the event attracted Viktor’s attention.

In 1930, Victor received his M.D. degree. He then began work at Steinhof Psychiatric Hospital. Where he gained a lot of experience. He worked for four years. And in these four years, he treated about 3,000 patients every year.

In 1940, he joined Rothschild Hospital in Vienna as head of the neurology department. He started those concentration camps. In which he used to work to save mentally disabled people

A few years later, he began working as the head of the neurology department at the Vienna Polyclinic Hospital. He actively worked with many patients from then until 1970.

Viktor Frankl
Viktor Frankl in 1965

Viktor received a degree in neurology from the University of Vienna in 1955. And after that, he started working as a professor of psychiatry. He then lectured at Harvard University, Southern Methodist University, and Düssen University as a professor.

Viktor Frankl Books :

Frankl has published 39 books. Which has been translated into 49 languages. He has received 29 doctoral degrees for these books.

Of these, Man’s Search for Meaning and The Doctor and the Soul is his most famous books. In this, Man Search for Meaning Book was published in 1946 in the German language. An English translation of this book was published in 1959.

And as soon as it was published, this book became a bestseller internationally. In 1991, this book was included in the U.S. list of the 10 most influential books. Even today, the book appears on Amazon’s “Top 100 Books” list.

Viktor Frankl
Viktor Frankl speaking at the University of San Diego in 1972

Because of this, Amazon recommended it in its “Top 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” list. From 1946 to 1997, more than 10 million copies of this book were sold.

Viktor Frankl Death :

Grave of Viktor Frankl
Grave of Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl died of a heart attack on 2 September 1997 in Vienna. He is buried in the Zentreffeliefhof Central Cemetery in Vienna. In the end, let’s see some Viktor Frankl Quotes with images.

Viktor Frankl Quotes :

viktor frankl quotes

Abnormal response to an abnormal condition is normal behavior.

viktor frankl quotes

The love that man can aspire to is the ultimate supreme being.

viktor frankl quotes

Don’t aim for success because the more you target it, the more you are going to miss it.

Life becomes unbearable only when your life lacks meaning and purpose.

It is true in life that happiness cannot be pursued.

If there is meaning in your life, then there must also be meaning in your suffering.

How will you react to the situation that is your freedom.

We should not forget any good work done for us.

viktor frankl quotes

Burning is necessary to light someone.

viktor frankl quotes

Human freedom is to choose one’s point of view under any circumstances.

viktor frankl quotes

Learn to love another human being in the innermost of your personality.

Self-interviewing is possible only as a side-effect of self-transit.

Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our point of view.

Today’s society considers only those who are successful and happy.

Man spends his entire life thinking about what his existence will be in the future.

It is the freedom to take a stand towards the conditions.

viktor frankl quotes

When we are not able to change a situation, then we should understand that the time has come to change ourselves.

viktor frankl quotes

Life means finding the right answer to your problems and completing the tasks for which you have taken responsibility.

viktor frankl quotes images

Success cannot be chased like happiness.

viktor frankl quotes images

Man’s salvation can only be through love.

quotes from viktor frankl

Success will follow you precisely because you forgot to think about it.

Every man is self-sufficient from inside.

Attempting to develop a sense of humor can lead us to master the art of living.

There is a space between stimulus and response.

Everyone has their own specific mission in life that we have to fulfill.

Man does not really need a stress-free state but needs to be striving for a goal.

quotes from viktor frankl

No man should ask what is the meaning of his life.

viktor frankl quotes

There is no need to be ashamed of tears because our tears are witness to this fact that you have the courage to suffer.

viktor frankl quotes

No man should do justice unless he asks himself honestly whether he would not have done so in a similar situation.

viktor frankl quotes

Those who have the answer to ‘why’ to live can tolerate any ‘how’.