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Thomas Sankara Quotes :

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“There is no true social revolution without the liberation of women.” — Thomas Sankara

“Imperialism is a system of exploitation that occurs not only in the brutal form of those who come with guns to conquer territory.” — Thomas Sankara

“Our revolution is not a public-speaking tournament. Our revolution is not a battle of fine phrases. Our revolution is and should continue to be, the collective effort of revolutionaries to transform reality, to improve the concrete situation of the masses of our country.” — Thomas Sankara

“I can hear the roar of women’s silence.” — Thomas Sankara

“The specific character of women’s oppression cannot be explained away by equating different situations through superficial and childish simplifications.” — Thomas Sankara

“Humankind does not submit passively to the power of nature. It takes control over this power. This process is not an internal or subjective one. It takes place objectively in practice.” — Thomas Sankara

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“We must dare to invent the future.” — Thomas Sankara

“The only difference between the woman who sells her body through prostitution and she who sells herself in marriage is the price and duration of the contract.” — Thomas Sankara

“By changing the social order that oppresses women, the revolution creates the conditions for their genuine emancipation.” — Thomas Sankara

“You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness.” — Thomas Sankara

“Nothing whole, nothing definitive or lasting can be accomplished in our country as long as a crucial part of ourselves is kept in this condition of subjugation.” — Thomas Sankara

“We are not looking to organize what exists but to definitively destroy and replace it.” — Thomas Sankara

“The woman leads a twofold existence, the depth of her social ostracism being equally only by her stoic endurance.” — Thomas Sankara

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“The enemies of a people are those who keep them in ignorance.” — Thomas Sankara

“We have to recondition our people to accept themselves as they are, not to be ashamed of their real situation, to be satisfied with it.” — Thomas Sankara

“Women hold up the other half of the sky.” — Thomas Sankara

“As revolutionaries, we don’t have the right to say we are tired of explaining. We must never stop explaining. We know that when people understand, they cannot help but follow us.” — Thomas Sankara

“He who feeds you, controls you.” — Thomas Sankara

“We have to work at decolonizing our mentality and achieving happiness within the limits of sacrifice we should be willing to make.” — Thomas Sankara

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“Everything that man can imagine, he is capable of creating.” — Thomas Sankara

“We must learn to live the African way. It’s the only way to live in freedom and with dignity.” — Thomas Sankara

“Without patriotic political education, a soldier is only a potential criminal.” — Thomas Sankara

“I want people to remember me as someone whose life has been helpful to humanity.” — Thomas Sankara

“While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas.” — Thomas Sankara

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“He who does not feed you can demand nothing of you.” — Thomas Sankara

“May my eyes never see and my feet never take me to a society where half the people are held in silence.” — Thomas Sankara

Che Guevara taught us we could dare to have confidence in ourselves, and confidence in our abilities.” — Thomas Sankara

“When the people stand up, imperialism trembles.” — Thomas Sankara

“Let there be an end to the arrogance of the big powers who miss no opportunity to put the rights of the people in question.” — Thomas Sankara

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“The revolution cannot triumph without the emancipation of women.” — Thomas Sankara

“We make every effort to see that our actions live up to our words and be vigilant with regard to our behavior.” — Thomas Sankara

“The greatest difficulty we have faced is the neocolonial way of thinking that exists in this country.” — Thomas Sankara

“We are not against progress, but we do not want progress that is anarchic and criminally neglects the rights of others.” — Thomas Sankara

“Inequality can be done away with only by establishing a new society, where men and women will enjoy equal rights.” — Thomas Sankara