Sherlock Holmes Quotes

Today we are going to see quotes from a famous mystery action film called Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is a private detective. Who is known for his intelligence and observational power.

This character was created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So let’s know some special things about this character and this film. And finally, see some of the best Sherlock Holmes quotes with images.

Who Is Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes, a fictional private detective character. It was created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Which was first published in 1887 in Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet at Beaton’s Christmas Annual.

Sherlock Holmes is a private consulting detective. He is proficient in observation, deduction, logical reasoning and forensic science. Holmes’s character became very popular when it was published in “A Study in Scarlet”

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So Strand magazine set out to make a series on it. The series was first released in 1891 under the name “A Scandal in Bohemia”. Because of this, fictional detective films and dramas were popular in the ’90s. By the 1990s, more than 25,000 stage adaptations, films and television productions had been published on this concept.

About Sherlock Holmes Movie :

The first film of the Sherlock Holmes series was released in 2009. The film is directed by Guy Ritchie

Wigram and Johnson develop the story of this film and the screenplay of the film by Michael Robert Johnson, Anthony Peckham and Simon Kinberg. 

Robert Downey Jr. plays the character of Sherlock Holmes in the film and Jude Law plays the character of Dr. John Watson. The film has become very famous for its story, action sequences and costume design. In the movie, Robert Downey Jr. has given a fantastic performance.

Because of this, Downey wins the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

Apart from this, the film has also received two Academy Awards for its Best Original Score and Best Art Direction. A second film after this film was released in 2011 titled Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. And the third sequel of the same series is scheduled to be released on 22 December 2021.

I am very excited about this film and definitely you guys will be excited too.

I hope, from my post you have learned a lot of new things about this film. So finally let’s see some amazing Sherlock Holmes quotes with images.

Famous Sherlock Holmes Quotes :

sherlock holmes quotes about himself
My name is Sherlock Holmes.  It is my business to know what other people don’t know. (Credit:

I am not a psychopath but I am a high-functioning sociopath. ― Sherlock Holmes

Crime is common in the world and logic is rare. So you should think rationally whether you should commit a crime or not. ― Sherlock Holmes

If someone interprets nature then we can assume that his idea should be as broad as nature. ― Sherlock Holmes

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It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but that you are a conductor of light. ― Sherlock Holmes

I believe that we will indeed find a heaven after death. ― Sherlock Holmes

We all feel small in the world. So we should think about how small we are with our small ambitions and efforts in the presence of the great elemental forces of nature! ― Sherlock Holmes

We are all born to be a action person. Therefore our instinct should always be to do something energetic. ― Sherlock Holmes

I do not believe in anything without proof. ― Sherlock Holmes

quotes by sherlock holmes
Few people in the world have the remarkable power to excite talented people.

This is not my purpose, but I confess that I have come to convey to you. ― Sherlock Holmes

I can know the past and present from the field of my inquiry, but what a man can do in the future is a very difficult question to answer. ― Sherlock Holmes

There is nothing more provocative than the case in which everything is against you. ― Sherlock Holmes

Today is a dramatic moment of fate. When you climb a ladder of life, you do not know whether it will be good or bad with you next. ― Sherlock Holmes

Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. ― Sherlock Holmes

Normality makes us nothing more than ourselves but talent instantly recognizes talent. ― Sherlock Holmes

I never guess. Because inference is destructive to logical faculty. ― Sherlock Holmes

We all have a grand gift of silence. If you have it then it makes you quite invaluable. ― Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes catchphrases
If you are not light yourself, you can still be a conductor of light. (Credit:

Education never ends. Because this is a series of lessons. As it grows to the end, it gets bigger. ― Sherlock Holmes

There is nothing more misleading than an obvious fact. ― Sherlock Holmes

When you remove all other factors, then when the remaining is left, we can say the truth. ― Sherlock Holmes

Do you have anything that can attract my attention? ― Sherlock Holmes

Some people say that talent is a limitless ability to take the pain, but this definition only applies to detective work. ― Sherlock Holmes

There is nothing new in the world. Everything has been done here before. ― Sherlock Holmes

I never create an exception because an exception violates the rule. And I do not want to violate the rules. ― Sherlock Holmes

Can one man make a discovery that is already a search for another? ― Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes quotes movie
I am the last and highest court to find anything. (Credit:

There are few crimes in the world that the law cannot touch. And so I think to some extent, it is appropriate to take personal revenge. ― Sherlock Holmes

I think you are well aware that I am not a nervous man by any means. ― Sherlock Holmes

No matter what you do in this world and what the result is. The question is can you convince people that you did. ― Sherlock Holmes

It is stupidity rather than courage to refuse to recognize danger when it is close upon you. ― Sherlock Holmes

I believe that the world’s smallest things are infinitely most important. ― Sherlock Holmes

Almost everything in the world is caused by grief, violence and fear. But it must be to some end. Because if it does not happen then our universe will be ruled by chance and the result will be unimaginable. ― Sherlock Holmes

I think that when we eliminate the impossible, then what is left is the truth. ― Sherlock Holmes

It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. ― Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Quotes on Love :

Our mind always finds it hard to feel that I am lost in the love of a woman. Although I think he may have misbehaved with her. ― Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Quotes on Observation :

Sherlock Holmes Quotes on Observation
People see everything but do not observe it. And this is the difference between people and me.

The world is filled with such obvious things that no person can ever see. ― Sherlock Holmes

I think nothing can be as important as the first evidence. ― Sherlock Holmes

You know how I work. I always work on the basis of observation of trifles. ― Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Quotes About Brain :

Sherlock Holmes Quotes About Brain
There is nothing impossible in the world for a great mind.

My brain works like a racing engine. If it does something that is not for it, then it tears itself to pieces because it is not connected to that work. ― Sherlock Holmes

I am not a man but I am a brain. For the rest, I am the only storage. ― Sherlock Holmes

No man can burden his mind with small matters unless he has a very good reason to do so. ― Sherlock Holmes

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Our life is filled with such infinite things that we are unfamiliar with and the human mind can invent such things. Therefore we do not dare to imagine things that do not really exist. ― Sherlock Holmes

I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.  ― Sherlock Holmes

The mind of a foolish man takes all kinds of lumbar, which comes to him so that the knowledge which is useful to him is out of the crowd. ― Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes quotes about life
Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.

When for every addition to the knowledge you forget something you previously knew. It is most important, therefore, to exclude useful facts should not keep useless facts. ― Sherlock Holmes

When I get no problems or no work, then my mind starts rebelling against me. ― Sherlock Holmes

My mind is set to work. So if you give me the most outrageous cryptogram or the most complex analysis, then I end the dull routine of existence. I yearn for mental excitement. That is why I have chosen my particular profession or created it because I am the only one in the world. ― Sherlock Holmes

A man should keep his little brain ready for everything so that he can use it in any bad situation. ― Sherlock Holmes

Our mind is like a library. In which you can place anything on any side. ― Sherlock Holmes

best sherlock holmes quotes
I can never work without mind. Can you live without a brain?

Sherlock Holmes Quotes on Emotions :

Mostly we cannot use emotional virtue to give clear reasoning. ― Sherlock Holmes

You should never make any decision using emotions. ― Sherlock Holmes