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In this post, we are going to see the famous English writer Samuel Johnson quotes with images. But they mostly Known as Dr. Johnson. Johnson is described by the Oxford Dictionary as “the most eminent person of the English letters”. So let’s know some more things about them.

Who Is Samuel Johnson?

Samuel Johnson was born on 18 September 1709 in Cathedral city Lichfield, England. His father’s name was Michael Johnson who was a bookseller. And his mother’s name was Sarah Johnson

About Samuel Johnson’s Life :

Samuel Johnson was very intelligent since childhood. His early education started at the age of three. His initial study takes place at the age of four in a nearby school and later he moved to Litchfield Grammar School. 

Samuel Johnson's Birthplace
Samuel Johnson’s Birthplace

In that school, he was attracted to the Latin language. He was very fast in studies. So he completed his primary study very soon. He then went to high school for higher studies. He then enrolled at King Edward VI Grammar School in Stourbridge.

At the time Samuel’s father was in debt. For this reason, he was under a lot of stress. So he started book stitching to earn money. Along with studying, he started writing translations of different poems and verses.

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After some time he went to Pembroke College when he was 19 years old. Where he studied a lot. But after 13 months, due to a lack of money, he had to leave college without a degree. But after a few years, he finally got a degree and got a Master of Arts award.

After 10 years, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Oxford. After that, he started working as a teacher for many years. And later began writing for The Gentleman magazine in London.

Portrait of Samuel Johnson
Portrait of Samuel Johnson

There he worked for 9 years. And later in 1755, he published a dictionary of modern English. This gave Johnson immense popularity. Then Samuel worked on William Shakespeare’s editions “The History of Raselas” and “the Prince of Abyssinia”.

In addition to this, he created the 17th and 18th century Most Eminent English Poets in his late times. Today he is remembered as an influential English litterateur.

Samuel Johnson Death :

Samuel Johnson Grave
Samuel Johnson Grave

Samuel Johnson had some health problems since childhood. In his last time, He was battling many diseases. While fighting the same disease, he died on the evening of 13 December 1784 at the age of 75 in London. And his body was buried at Westminster Abbey.

Samuel Johnson Quotes :

samuel johnson quotes
Curiosity lies only in a person with a great and generous mind.

“Without honesty, you can never be confident.” – Samuel Johnson

“Some things are not possible with hard work and skill.” – Samuel Johnson

“Great works are not performed by strength, but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson

samuel johnson quotes
Curiosity is a permanent and definite feature of our intelligence.
samuel johnson quotes
If you are knowledgeable but you do not have honesty, then that is the most dangerous thing.

“Our honesty is weak and worthless without knowledge.” – Samuel Johnson

“The expectation is very important in our life because it makes us happy.” – Samuel Johnson

“Justice allows us to do what we want to do in life.” – Samuel Johnson

“It is better to live rich than to die by becoming rich.” – Samuel Johnson

samuel johnson quotes
He who makes himself an animal can only get rid of the pain.

Samuel Johnson Quotes On Patriotism :

“Sometimes a man who causes discontent in the country becomes a patriot.” – Samuel Johnson

“A patriot is essentially a lover of the people of the country.” – Samuel Johnson

samuel johnson quotes on patriotism
Sometimes crooks use patriotism for their last refuge.

“In the wartime, every person in the nation has the same mind.” – Samuel Johnson

“Every action of a true patriot is only for his country.” – Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson Quotes On Love :

“It’s great to love just one person all your life.” – Samuel Johnson

“Love gives more pleasure than friendship.” – Samuel Johnson

samuel johnson quotes on love
Love is like the wisdom of a fool.

“Love is like being drunk with champagne.” – Samuel Johnson

“Love always implies a kind of voluntary equality.” – Samuel Johnson

“In life, it is not difficult to love people whom we are not afraid.” – Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson Quotes On Reading :

“A book that is written without diligence is normally read without pleasure.” – Samuel Johnson

“A writer spends the most time in reading.” – Samuel Johnson Quotes

samuel johnson quotes on reading
A writer can start a book only, but a reader finishes it.

“I do not believe in a person who has written more than reading.” – Samuel Johnson Quotes

“You can never be sensible until you study.” – Samuel Johnson Quotes

“If you do not like reading, you can never be sensible.” – Samuel Johnson Quotes

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