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Plato was the Athenian philosopher who had the first institution of higher education in the Western world. He was a disciple of the famous philosopher Socrates

Apart from this, there are some more important things which we will know in this post. And finally, we will see some Plato quotes on love, education, and democracy.

Who Is Plato?

Plato was born on 428/427 in the legendary Athens City, Greece. He was an Athenian philosopher and the founder of the Platonist school of thought in Greece. 

Some media suggest that Plato belonged to an aristocratic and influential family.

The great philosopher Socrates had only two disciples. One Plato himself and the other Aristotle. He received a very good education in the company of Socrates. And using that knowledge he became a great philosopher in the future.

He has done much for Western philosophy. Because of this, his name is taken in the great Western religion and founders.

Plato was the innovator of written dialogue and dialectics. He also contributes greatly to Western politics. He gave a theory that later came to be considered Platonic idealism. In which the solution to the problem of people was presented.

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He has written much about the European philosophical tradition. In addition, Plato works with his mentor Socrates in many other things.

Such as the pre-Socratics Pythagoras, Heraclitus and Parmenides. Everyone knows that there is not much information about Socrates in history. But Plato wrote the dialogue between him, Socrates and Aristotle. 

Due to which, the world has received a lot of information about Socrates. Plato’s ideas and the book are quite useful for over 2,400 years. Because of this, He is still very popular today.

Apart from this, there are some more important things which we will know in this post provided by an essay writing service online. And finally, we will see some Plato quotes on love, education, and democracy.

Plato Quotes On Love :

plato quotes on love
Everyone becomes a poet by the touch of a lover.

The madness of love is a great blessing from heaven. – Plato

Love is simply the name of the pursuit of desire and fulfillment. – Plato

When a person falls in love, he returns to parts of his original nature. – Plato

Love is a soul that mediates between people. – Plato

Love is the joy of good, the wonder of the wise, and the awe of the gods. – Plato

One who gives true virtue gets the love of the gods. – Plato

Love means the pursuit of the whole. – Plato

Anyone who has ever loved never walks in the dark. – Plato

plato quotes on love
Love is a serious mental disease.

Plato Quotes On Education :

plato quotes on education
No one can learn anything with force or rigor.

Every good decision we make should be based on knowledge and not on numbers. – Plato

Learning anything has an emotional basis. – Plato

The education of science rests only on perception. – Plato

Knowledge is true opinion. – Plato

The direction in which a person starts education, at the same time, his future is determined. – Plato

Thoughts are the source of all things. – Plato Quotes

Only those who remain steadfast till the end of education can succeed in life. – Plato

Those who don’t know must learn from those who do. – Plato

plato quotes on education
If the purpose is evil then knowledge becomes evil.

Knowledge acquired under compulsion damages the mind. – Plato

I think elementary education is a form of entertainment for a child. – Plato

Culture provides the greatest education. – Plato

Knowledge is the food of the soul. – Plato Quotes

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The opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. – Plato

Human behavior is based on three things: desire, emotion and knowledge. – Plato

Education should teach children to desire the right things. – Plato

The aim of education is to teach us that what is beautiful lets it be beautiful. – Plato

plato quotes on education
If someone ignores education, then he will have to go limp all his life.

Plato Quotes On Music:

Those who want to sing get some songs. – Plato

Poetry is important and closer to the truth than history. – Plato

There is a pattern in music in which all the arts are the key to learning. – Plato

plato quotes on music
Every heart sings an incomplete song, but when it meets another heart, it starts singing the entire song.

Plato Quotes On Democracy :

A hero is born among a hundred, but a wise man is born among a thousand. – Plato

The society we want can never grow into reality. – Plato

We do not pay attention to public affairs and this gives wicked men a chance to rule over us. – Plato

Man is a being in search of meaning. – Plato Quotes

plato quotes on democracy
Good actions give strength to themselves and motivate others to do good works.

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