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In this post, we are going to see the famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho quotes. He is particularly known for his novel The Alchemist.

So let’s know some special things about Paulo Coelho.

Who Is Paulo Coelho?

The full name of Paulo Coelho is Paulo Coelho de Souza. He was born in the metropolitan city of Rio, Brazil. His parents were Catholic. Who were strict about religion and faith.

He did his primary school at the Jesuit School. When he was 17 years old, his parents inspired Paulo to serve in a mental institution.

He wanted to become a writer. But due to the wishes of his parents, he enrolled in a law school and gave up his dream.

After 7 years he leaves Brazil. And traveled to South America, North Africa, Mexico and Europe. A few years later he returned to Brazil and started working as a songwriter.

young paulo coelho
Paulo Coelho in 1970

In 1974, he was charged with “subversive” activities and arrested. They were tortured for many years.

After his release from prison, he pursued his writing career. He also worked as an actor, journalist and theater director. In 1980 she married the artist Christina Oiticica.

In 1986, he did more than 500 hikes at Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. During that time he had a spiritual experience. And he described that experience in his autobiographically “The Pilgrimage”.

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As a writer, Coelho published the first book Hell Archives in 1982. Which did not succeed. In 1987, he published The Pilgrimage. And that book also failed.

And finally, he published The Alchemist in 1988. In a short time, this book became an international bestseller.

After this, till date he has written many novels, biographies, essays and newspaper columns. Today, his books are published in 170 countries in the world. And translation occurs in many languages.

Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho in 2007

Today, his name comes second in the list of 200 greatest contemporary writers.

In 2016, he met legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant. They decided to write a book together. And that book was published after Kobe Bryant’s death in 2020.

Today Paulo Coelho is 73 years old and lives in Geneva, Switzerland with his wife.

Paulo Coelho Quotes :

paulo coelho quotes
Even simple things can be the most extraordinary.

We never judge the lives of others because we only see our pain. – Paulo Coelho

Faith is a real will power. – Paulo Coelho Quotes

Willpower is a force. And with this help, we can do anything. – Paulo Coelho

We can control anyone by making them feel afraid. – Paulo Coelho

People in the world are never satisfied. – Paulo Coelho

People do not care how you feel. So always live your way. – Paulo Coelho

Anxiety was born with the origin of mankind. – Paulo Coelho

paulo coelho quotes
When we want something, the universe tries to give it to us.

True freedom means our ability to choose. – Paulo Coelho

Today, collective insanity is called purity. – Paulo Coelho

Travel creates courage in us. – Paulo Coelho

The task of freeing yourself from memory is the most difficult in the world. – Paulo Coelho

If you cannot control your mind, then your brain will start to control you. – Paulo Coelho

Haters are kind of our confused fans. – Paulo Coelho

A fire is hidden behind the ice mask of every human. – Paulo Coelho

Ignoring one’s blessings becomes a curse. – Paulo Coelho

paulo coelho quotes images
Never waste your time in explanations.

We should not be afraid of other people’s opinions. – Paulo Coelho

Intense and true desire is the desire to be close to someone. – Paulo Coelho

Our eyes show the strength of our soul. – Paulo Coelho

People can fulfill whatever dreams they have in their life. – Paulo Coelho

We have everything when we have nothing to lose. – Paulo Coelho

Wherever you have your heart, you can find your treasure right there. – Paulo Coelho

When someone leaves us, we should understand that someone else is coming. – Paulo Coelho

The fear of suffering is worse than suffering. – Paulo Coelho

paulo coelho quotes
The wait is painful but not the worst.

Paulo Coelho Quotes on Love :

paulo coelho quotes on love
Falling in love is always risky. (Images Source:

Grief and love can reveal the great mysteries of life. – Paulo Coelho

True love never stops a man from pursuing his destiny. – Paulo Coelho

Love without expectation is true love. – Paulo Coelho

One who is in love can never harm anyone. – Paulo Coelho

Love is the key to understanding all mysteries. – Paulo Coelho

If you love someone, you have to set them free. – Paulo Coelho

paulo coelho quotes on love
No reason is needed to love someone.

When we are in love, we feel that the whole universe is on our side. – Paulo Coelho

When there is love there is freedom. – Paulo Coelho Quotes

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Love is not in others but in ourselves. – Paulo Coelho

Love is the purest language in the world. – Paulo Coelho

The love that displays its fragility is the strongest love. – Paulo Coelho

Real love is made of pleasure and suffering. – Paulo Coelho

Love is something that one has to experience in order to understand it. – Paulo Coelho

paulo coelho quotes on love
When we love, we make ourselves better. (Images Source:

The true meaning of love is hidden in flowers. – Paulo Coelho

Hope is the greatest strength of love. – Paulo Coelho

First love is a word, but when we fall in love, then we understand its meaning. – Paulo Coelho

Love can fill all our grief and pain. – Paulo Coelho

The one who loves others to get something is wasting his time. – Paulo Coelho

Love is an indomitable force. If we try to control it, it will destroy us. – Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Quotes on Life :

paulo coelho quotes on life
Nothing in this world happens by chance.

There is a treasure for all of us on earth. We just need to wait. – Paulo Coelho

Whatever life offers you, you should accept it happily. – Paulo Coelho

We can learn any work only by doing it. – Paulo Coelho

Bravery does not mean the absence of fear. But it is bravery to move forward despite the fear. – Paulo Coelho

We mostly get happiness from conquest. – Paulo Coelho

There comes a time in our life where we lose control of our life. – Paulo Coelho

If it becomes necessary for you to fall in life, then you should fall from a high place. – Paulo Coelho

paulo coelho quotes on life
The secret of life is to fall seven times and rise eight times. (Images Source:

Making decisions is very important in our life. – Paulo Coelho

If we cannot find a way to go back, then we should keep pushing forward. – Paulo Coelho

Any person can become great through their experience. – Paulo Coelho

We should forgive everyone’s mistakes but we should not forget them. – Paulo Coelho

Never allow your mind to speak your heart. – Paulo Coelho

Intuition means the sudden immersion of the soul into the universal flow of life. – Paulo Coelho

paulo coelho quotes on life
Every new thing starts with a decision.

Those who pretend to be strong are actually weak. – Paulo Coelho

You are what you believe in yourself. – Paulo Coelho

Remember that you will never be able to escape from your heart. – Paulo Coelho

Nobody can lose anyone in the world because nobody owns anyone here. – Paulo Coelho

We should not live in our past or future but we should only be interested in the present. – Paulo Coelho

Everyone tries to lead others but no one is leading themselves. – Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Quotes on Dreams :

paulo coelho quotes on dreams
The possibility of only one dream coming true can make our life interesting. (Images Source:

If you do the work that you can never do, then you will never be able to fulfill your dreams. – Paulo Coelho

If you want to live your life according to your dreams then continue to go crazy. – Paulo Coelho

Most people are afraid to chase their most important dreams because they feel they do not deserve them. – Paulo Coelho

Always keep on dreaming because it nourishes our soul. – Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Quotes on Success :

paulo coelho quotes on success
Fear of failure only makes us fail to achieve our dreams.

When we try to become better, everything around us gets better by itself. – Paulo Coelho

Patience helps us achieve everything. – Paulo Coelho

Run the risk of being different, but learn to do so without attracting attention. – Paulo Coelho

Learn to be crazy without being the center of attention. – Paulo Coelho

It takes a lot of bravery to walk on a different route than others. – Paulo Coelho

Be crazy, but behave like normal people. – Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Quotes on Happiness :

We can be happy only by focusing on the present. – Paulo Coelho

Do not think about everything that has happened in the past. – Paulo Coelho

Happiness is something that grows by sharing with others. – Paulo Coelho

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