Think And Grow Rich Summary, Napoleon Hill book

Today we are going to see some very important points of Napoleon Hill’s Wonderful Book Think and Grow Rich summary.

Napoleon Hill was a journalist and writer who did 20 years of research and interviewed 500 successful people and made a wonderful book. In this post, we discuss these important points from this book. So let’s start…

1) Burning Desire:

Think And Grow Rich Summary, Napoleon Hill book

The author says, the most common of failure is a temporary failure. Which is very painful. After a terrifying fire in Chicago, a group of businessmen was looking at their dilapidated shops.

They had to decide to go back to the shops or leave the country. Everyone except one businessman decided to leave Chicago. The merchant he makes the biggest shop in that place.

It doesn’t matter that the shop is burnt. He set up shop in a few years and this swept shop Chicago counted in big shops. Before getting success in the life of any human being, there are certain temporary failures.

Napoleon Hill says desire is the first step to fulfill our dreams. Anyone can get success if you have a burning desire inside. There are 6 points that will help us achieve Goals and make our wealth.

1) Set a specific goal:

Decide how much exactly you want to earn. I wish a lot of money is not enough to say here. It’s not that you are saying I want to earn a lot of money.

But there are no exact goals until you decide. here you will be like that lost ship. Who has gone out to sea. Because of which there is a lot of chance of his drowning.

2) Determine what you intent to give:

Decide what you will give in return for that achievement. Because if you want something from life, you have to give something in return.

3) Set a time limit:

Keep the deadline for goal, decide a date.

4) Create a plan:

Make a plan and start work. You do not have to wait for a perfect plan.

5) Write down everything:

Whatever Achievement do You Say What does that give in return? And when do you want to complete your goal? Write it down in one place.

6) Read it daily:

Read everything you wrote everyday.

2) Specialized Knowledge:

Think And Grow Rich Summary, Napoleon Hill book

In this, the author states that Knowledge is of two types:



The teacher & professor have lots of knowledge but still, they struggle. most of them have a lot of work and money. but specialized knowledge does not get into your personal life.

The author says Knowledge comes to us from the public library, training course, university. And specialized knowledge comes after studying the related book of the industry you are from.

Our education system is not so good, because it does not share with students here apply what they have learned.

During World War. Chicago newspaper printed the wrong thing about Henry Ford. Henry Ford gave a court case on this. The front layer asks him questions

Who was Benedict Arnold? How many British soldiers sent to America to put down a rebellion in 1776? Asked questions of much such general knowledge.

On this Henry ford said angrily if I have to answer your stupid questions. Before that let me tell you, there is a line of electronic push buttons on my table. I can call such a person by pressing a button that answers any of my questions.

So, now would you like to tell me here to keep your mind from the general knowledge that I am not going to use?

After this, every person sitting in the court did not find any ignorant answer here. If only knowledge could exist, then every teacher in the school would be a successful person and living a prosperous life, but this is not often.

3) Imagination:

Think And Grow Rich Summary, Napoleon Hill book

The author says humans can also achieve what they imagine. Humans helped with their imagination achieved so much in 50 years as not achieved in whole human history.

Humans have complete control of the air. He has also defeated flying birds. It can move from one part of the world to another in a very short time. And have reached not only the world but also space.

Here Imagination is of 2 types:

1. Synthetic imagination:

In this, we create a new idea by observing and modifying the old idea. We do not learn anything new in this. Mostly people seek this imagination.

2. Creative imagination:

There is no limit to think. This creates new ideas. All great leaders, businessmen, artists, writers become great due to this imagination.

Remember, Creative minds think up new ideas to solve problems. The idea has so much power to change the whole world.

4) Decision:

Think And Grow Rich Summary, Napoleon Hill book

Most people fail to collect money as per their requirements. That normality influences from other’s thoughts. They leave the work of thinking for themselves in newspapers and gossip.

The neighbor’s advice is the cheapest item in the world. Everyone has free advice that is imposed on the man who accepts. If you are influenced by the advice of others while reaching a decision.

So you can leave your wish to change the world. You won’t be successful in anything. But close friends and relatives often interrupt by giving their advice in unintentional pranks.

Thousands of men and women live their entire lives in an inferiority complex. Because someone with good intentions but an ignorant person ended your confidence by giving advice. You have your own brain, use it and reach the decision yourself.

5) Mastermind:

Think And Grow Rich Summary, Napoleon Hill book

We humans become the average of the 5 people whose maximum time we spend. Meaning if you are with 5 successful positive people spend your most of time.

So there are many chances you to become successful. But if you spend time with 5 negative and unsuccessful people. So there are many chances you to become unsuccessful.

For Example:

As all the people in your group smoke cigarettes then probably you will also start smoking cigarettes. So you stayed with people who are positive and good-minded. And spend most of the time with them.

6) Persistence:

Think And Grow Rich Summary, Napoleon Hill book

Desire and Persistence together form a formula that can make anyone successful. The author say Persistence is a mental state so it can be developed.

There are 4 things that will help us develop persistence:

1) Definite Purpose:

As we know Thomas edition who failed to make bulb 10000 times. But with the help of Strong Desire finally, he made bulb. So you must have a definite purpose.

2) Definite Plan:

Your must have a defined plan and should take continuous action.

3) Negative Suggestion:

You should not demotivate and negative suggestions. And be engaged in your work.

4) Be With Good Company:

You must connect with people who help you grow. And that helps in achieving your plan and purpose.

So, these are 6 important points from Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill. But the truth is that not only 6 points of this book are important, but the whole book is very wonderful. I will suggest you read this book completely. I can say with the claim that this book will be very useful in your life. So if you want to buy this book, you can take it from the link given below.