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Michelle Obama is the wife of America’s 44th President Barack Obama. She also got the title of the first lady of the United States from the White House. Apart from this, she is a lawyer and writer in her professional life.

Apart from this Michelle has done many things for society like poverty awareness, women empowerment and education. Because of this, they are considered role model for women.

Who Is Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s full name is Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. She was born on January 20, 2009 in Chicago City, United States. Her father’s name is Fraser C. Robinson who was a water plant worker and her mother’s name is Marian Shields Robinson.

About Michelle Obama Life :

Michelle’s childhood was spent with her parents and grandparents. His father was suffering from sclerosis. That is why she used to get very upset. But still, she used to spend her time in her studies.

She did her primary schooling at Bryn Mawr Elementary School. Where she was one of the influential children.

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She then studied at Whitney Young High School and Chicago’s Magnet High School. Where they had to face some gender differences. But she did not give up. In 1985, she received a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

Then she graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. Michelle then worked at Sidley Austin Law Firm. Where she met Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama with daughters

They then worked as associate deans at the University of Chicago. And later in 1992 both of them got married. Today she has two daughters Malia and Sasha.

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When Barack Obama ran for election in 2008, Mitchell campaigned for the presidential bid. Apart from that, she has given acclaimed speeches at many conferences.

Michelle Obama in india

She also ran a successful campaign Let’s Move!. Apart from that, she has done many things for society. Today she has become a role model for women. She was considered the “most admired woman” in the 2019 Gallup poll. And Time magazine also gave him the title of “Person of the Year”.

Final Words :

In this post, we talked a lot about Michelle Obama. Her personality is quite impressive. Today she is one of the most influential women in the world. So we must know her thoughts. So let’s finally see some Michelle Obama quotes with images.

Michelle Obama Quotes :

michelle obama quotes
The journey to make oneself better never ends.

We should do any work patiently. – Michelle Obama

We should never give up but we should keep working for change. – Michelle Obama

Your future depends on what you are doing today. – Michelle Obama

michelle obama quotes
Our life may not always be comfortable.

Scary people are afraid of the crook inside him. – Michelle Obama

Only do the work in which you are better. – Michelle Obama

We must understand that progress and change happen slowly. – Michelle Obama

michelle obama quotes
You should keep making progress at any point in your life.

Most often it happens that grief and resilience live together. – Michelle Obama

Learn to change your method without changing your goal. – Michelle Obama

You should focus on what you can control. – Michelle Obama

michelle obama quotes
The seeds of each change have been sown in the past.

We should try to make a good person every day. – Michelle Obama

Hating is harder than loving. – Michelle Obama

You should find people who will make you better. – Michelle Obama

michelle obama quotes
We should always be true to ourselves.

You should think every morning, am I good enough? – Michelle Obama

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We should never place darkness in our hearts and minds. – Michelle Obama

Treat one another kindly. – Michelle Obama

michelle obama quotes
You should keep making progress at any point in your life.

If you live well with others, they will also treat you well. – Michelle Obama

The more popular you are, the more you will have to face hatred. – Michelle Obama

We must first learn about honesty and integrity. – Michelle Obama

We should put ourselves first on our list. – Michelle Obama

Success does not depend on how much money you make. – Michelle Obama

michelle obama quotes
Never allow such people in your life who reduce your value.

Michelle Obama Quotes On Education :

michelle obama quotes on education
Improve yourself with a good education.
michelle obama quotes on education
Education empowers us from the inside.

Michelle Obama Quotes On Marriage :

michelle obama quotes on marriage
A good relationship is one that does not hurt.
michelle obama quotes on marriage
Sometimes a happy marriage can also be a concern.

Michelle Obama Motivational Quotes :

michelle obama motivational quotes
A feeling of failure is one that occurs long before a real result occurs.

To be successful requires confidence in yourself and the power of hard work. – Michelle Obama

You do what you say you’re going to do. – Michelle Obama

It takes time for major changes. – Michelle Obama

michelle obama motivational quotes
Never say that someone is distracting you from your goals.

Focus on the things you want to become in your life. – Michelle Obama Quotes


Each day we must keep faith in goodness. – Michelle Obama Quotes

The path of success requires patience and rigor. – Michelle Obama Quotes

michelle obama motivational quotes
Trust your instincts.

We should not be afraid of any challenge. – Michelle Obama Quotes

Never underestimate the importance that you have. – Michelle Obama Quotes

Failure is a vulnerability that arises with self-doubt. – Michelle Obama Quotes

Never say that someone is distracting you from your goals. – Michelle Obama Quotes

michelle obama motivational quotes
Success seems meaningful and enjoyable only when it is yours.

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