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Marcus Aurelius was a great stoic philosopher. Apart from this, he was also an emperor and consul. He has been the Roman Emperor for almost 20 years. His name is taken among the five greatest emperors. He brought peace and stability to his empire.

So let’s know a little more about this great philosopher and emperor. And finally, see some great quotes from Marcus Aurelius with images.

Who Is Marcus Aurelius?

Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

The full name of Marcus Aurelius is Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. He was born on 26 April 121 in Rome during the reign of Hadrian. His father’s name was Marcus Annius Verus who was his adoptive father. And his mother’s name was Domitia Calvilla.

About Marcus Aurelius Life :

Marcus spent most of his childhood in Horti. And when he was 17 years old, he was adopted by Hadrian. After his death, Hadrian’s adoptive son, Aelius Caesar made an emperor. And after the death of Aelius, Marcus’s uncle was made Emperor. And a few years later his uncle Antoninus Pius also died.

Antoninus Pius
Antoninus Pius

Marcus then married Antoninus’ daughter Faustina. And he became the emperor. There were considerable military conflicts in Marcus’s time. He defeated the Roman Empire of the East, the Rebel Empire of Armenia, the Marcomanni, the Quadi, and the Sarmatian Izzas.

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He had to face big trouble in his time. The disease of the Antonine plague occurred. In which the entire Roman Empire was almost destroyed. This plague killed more than 5 million people. Marcus’s adopted brother Lucius Verus also died due to the same plague.

Roman coin with  a portrait of Marcus Aurelius and Antoninus Pius
Roman coin with a portrait of Marcus Aurelius and Antoninus Pius

Marcus had built some pillars and equestrian statues to commemorate his victory in the war. Which we can still see in Rome. Marcus was a great philosopher, emperor, and biographer. His writings give us a modern understanding of ancient Stoic philosophy. Even today, centuries after his death, he is remembered with respect.

We talked a lot of things about Marcus. So let’s finally see some quotes by Marcus Aurelius.

Best Marcus Aurelius Quotes :

marcus aurelius quotes
Desperate is just a feeling stemmed from our desire.

“We should discard such thoughts that clutter our mind.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Everything we see in life is a perspective, not a truth.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Nobody can really make our situation worse, we ourselves make our situation worse.” – Marcus Aurelius

“No incident bothers people, but the decisions of the subject disturb the people.” – Marcus Aurelius

marcus aurelius quotes
People exist only for each other in this world.
marcus aurelius quotes
Silence is the best way to defeat anger.

“The soul can only be colored by the color of its thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Struggle for anything but don’t cry when you don’t get it.” – Marcus Aurelius

“We all can get something only when nature wants to give it to us.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Whatever disturbance in our life arises from our inner opinions.” – Marcus Aurelius

marcus aurelius quotes
The consequences of anger have more terrible consequences.
marcus aurelius quotes
The only way to stop the battle is kindness.

“Nothing in nature can be evil.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Never be more attached to what you have achieved in your life.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Be satisfied with whoever you are today.” – Marcus Aurelius

“If someone hatred me, then that is not my fault.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Each day offers you a new gift.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Every little thing should be done keeping in mind its result.” – Marcus Aurelius

marcus aurelius quotes
You become what you think all the time.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes On Success :

marcus aurelius quotes on success
If you get any small success then you should be satisfied with them.

“You should not do anything without purpose in life.” – Marcus Aurelius

“If you feel something is wrong, never do it.” – Marcus Aurelius

“We should not do anything without a purpose.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Limit yourself to the present, do not worry about the future.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Do everything in your life as if it was your last time.” – Marcus Aurelius

marcus aurelius quotes on success
Your true power is in your mind, from which you can get anything.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes On Life :

marcus aurelius quotes on life
If you live in harmony with yourself, then the universe will be in harmony with you.
marcus aurelius quotes on life
If you live life in the right way, then you can get through a similar flow of happiness.

“You must first know what exactly you are.” – Marcus Aurelius

“You should spend your life in the dignity of truth and justice.” – Marcus Aurelius

“You need very few things to make a happy life.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Life is not good or bad, but there is only a place for good and bad.” – Marcus Aurelius

marcus aurelius quotes on life
No human can ever escape his fate.
marcus aurelius quotes on life
No person’s value is greater than his ambitions.

“Everything that happens in our life makes us wonder.” – Marcus Aurelius

“We should get wealth or prosperity without ego.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Happiness increases the inner power of your soul.” – Marcus Aurelius

“You are just born to feel nice.” – Marcus Aurelius

marcus aurelius quotes on life
The happiness of your life depends on your thoughts.
marcus aurelius quotes on life
We need the potential to live a good life.

“If you reject your feeling of hurt, then the injury itself will disappear.” – Marcus Aurelius

“We must be tolerant of others and strict with ourselves.” – Marcus Aurelius

“We should not worry further because nature controls all.” – Marcus Aurelius

“We should not complain too much to others or to ourselves.” – Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius Quotes On Death :

marcus aurelius quotes on death
Death and birth are a mystery of nature.

“We should welcome death because nature has loved it like everything else.” – Marcus Aurelius Quotes

“Death is necessary for us and it cannot be avoided.” – Marcus Aurelius Quotes

“We should not despise death, because it is also a part of our life.” – Marcus Aurelius Quotes

“The act of dying is also necessary like other works of life.” – Marcus Aurelius Quotes

“Death is something that never discriminates against mankind.” – Marcus Aurelius Quotes

“We cannot avoid death, but we can definitely avoid the fear of death.” – Marcus Aurelius Quotes

marcus aurelius quotes on death
Death only ends our feelings.

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