Lil Durk Quotes

Lil Durk Quotes And Captions :

Lil Durk Quotes And Captions
“I know the consequences of my actions.” — Lil Durk

“Don’t cross us, cause we ain’t doing this shit for the fame.” — Lil Durk

“One thing I hate is a liar.” — Lil Durk

“The Family know how I feel about them. I can do no deal without them. I can’t even live without them.” — Lil Durk

“Gotta be a snake to hang around your snakes.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Quotes
“Sometimes the people you think pick you up low key be the downfall.” — Lil Durk

“I look up to myself, tryna get better. Always tryna get better.” — Lil Durk

“Never have I ever needed anybody.” — Lil Durk

“I’m really living my dream so if I were to change anything up, I probably wouldn’t be where I am.” — Lil Durk

“I’m on the road to riches, it’s just a lil traffic.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Captions
“I’m happy with the person I become.” — Lil Durk

“I grew up without a father, so I have to be on point for my kids.” — Lil Durk

“You got to want to evolve. It’s something you can practice on but it just came to me.” — Lil Durk

“When you ain’t got no guidance, you can’t do too much.” — Lil Durk

“Put your own twist to it. That’s how you say relevant. Or things get old and boring.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Sayings
“Everybody always going to sound like somebody. You got to separate yourself.” — Lil Durk

“Even when you’re winning, keep working like you’re losing.” — Lil Durk

“I can’t get over my pain. Make you feel better.” — Lil Durk

“I’m just trying to show people that I ain’t gotta ride off no movement. I can ride off myself.” — Lil Durk

“I can turn dreams to nightmares without you knowing it’s me.” — Lil Durk

durk quotes
“I doubted myself when I was losing, thankful for not giving up.” — Lil Durk

“I speak my soul through my music, I’m so passionate.” — Lil Durk

“I gotta stay in that light where people will see me and hear me. And not be scared of me, you know?” — Lil Durk

“There’s definitely a lot of responsibility to keep the good energy going.” — Lil Durk

“Be with someone who can make you laugh, when the whole world tries to make you sad.” — Lil Durk

lil durk lines
“Don’t get too comfortable around dem snakes.” — Lil Durk

“I speak my mind—I don’t care how nobody feel.” — Lil Durk

“Always read your contract. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Know your worth.” — Lil Durk

“It feels good to be in a place now where I can give back to my community.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Empowering Quotes
“Growth don’t come with the people you expect to grow with you.” — Lil Durk

“My message is just showing people how I came from nothing.” — Lil Durk

“When I began to rap, I wasn’t taking it seriously. As I start seeing good things, it’s getting serious.” — Lil Durk

“What you think important don’t be lock in and focus.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Quotes About Pain
“Temporary decisions cause permanent pain.” — Lil Durk

“Pay attention to every sign around you.” — Lil Durk

“Feed the poor and take care your city everything ain’t gotta be filmed.” — Lil Durk

“I just be cool how I be cool I got my own way of thinking.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Quote
“Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry, but I guess you know now, I took a half.” — Lil Durk

“You got to have a strong mind if you fall back. When you fall back, they going to count you out. So you got to have a strong mind and know your worth. When you come back, you’ve got to be different and even more better.” — Lil Durk

“It never crossed my mind to cross my guys. I’m real with it.” — Lil Durk

“Stay working. Stay busy. It should be motivation instead of down time because downtime is like being depressed. It shouldn’t be like that. It should really be motivation to keep going.” — Lil Durk

“I can buy anything I want now. It hasn’t changed me personally. It just changed what I can do for myself and my family.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Lyrics Quotes :

lil durk best lyrics quotes
“You can’t turn up on them social sites, thinkin’ it’s gon’ be alright.” — Lil Durk

“Been through worse before. Like why you put me last. I put you first before.” — Lil Durk

“Shoutout to my competition. These shots to my opposition.” — Lil Durk

“I was tired, they didn’t realize. Certain vibes, it don’t feel right. Plenty nights got me traumatized.” — Lil Durk

“Couple big niggas tried to lil me. I got more power so don’t try me.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Lyrics Quotes
“The streets are my hustle, I’ve been through the struggle.” — Lil Durk

“All blacked up, ready to come and act up. 300 easy for niggas to get wrapped up.” — Lil Durk

“Look up man I know we winning. Haters mad cause they ain’t in it.” — Lil Durk

“Real in the streets, but to them I keep it real. I know how these haters talking, hoping I can’t keep a deal.” — Lil Durk

“I might roll a blunt up for my people. I might pour a cup up for my people.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Quotes From Songs
“Imma climb up to the top. Money up and it will not drop.” — Lil Durk

“Never care so much, run out of Woods, just pass the Dutch.” — Lil Durk

“I know what you did, don’t wanna hurt no more. Even though you took me through some hell.” — Lil Durk

“You don’t, don’t bleed that don’t bleed that. Serving out the phones that’s an easy case.” — Lil Durk

Best Lil Durk Lyrics Quotes
“I wanna do everything under the sun. I wanna do everything just one on one.” — Lil Durk

“I don’t throw shade at anybody like, ‘You sound like me.’” — Lil Durk

“Put me in my place when I’m in the wrong. You make me mad, I’m throwing dirt up in yo name in songs.” — Lil Durk

“I got enough on my plate, tryna turn away, tryna turn away.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Love Quotes :

lil durk quotes about love
“Gotta watch out for who love me and the same people who hurt me.” — Lil Durk

“You don’t know who really love you at heart when you got money.” — Lil Durk

“Where them people be with you, but they really don’t love you.” — Lil Durk

“Who love you when no one there, who love you when no one care.” — Lil Durk

“Don’t tell me that you love me if you ain’t gone die for me. ” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Quotes About Life :

Lil Durk Quotes About Life
“Don’t be scared to live your life without judgment.” — Lil Durk

“These the days of my life. Extra money I’m maxing. To get it much I’m on a stratch.” — Lil Durk

“What I say goes in real life not the internet.” — Lil Durk

“Real life, my movie don’t come actors, Grabbing the clip, my niggas screaming action.” — Lil Durk

“You got one life to live and you decide to be a goofy huh.” — Lil Durk

Lil Durk Quotes About Loyalty :

Lil Durk Quotes About Loyalty
“Loyalty outweighs everything if you stayed down, we gone ball together forever.” — Lil Durk

“Loyalty over all that made up sh*t.” — Lil Durk

“Not loyalty you’re a f*cking n*gga can’t claim what I claim.” — Lil Durk

“All I need is some loyalty.” — Lil Durk

“Don’t call me your brudda if you ain’t prove your loyalty.” — Lil Durk

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