letterkenny quotes

Today we are going to talk about the famous Canadian TV series Letterkenny. And see some Letterkenny quotes with images. So let’s start.

About Letterkenny Series :

Letterkenny is a Canadian TV series that was released in 2015. It is produced by Jared Keeso. The story of Letterkenny is written by Keeso and Jacob Tierney.

The Letterkenny series began with a YouTube web series. And was named Letterkenny Problems. And after that, the series became very famous on YouTube. Therefore it was presented as a television series by Crave in 2015.

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This series is a comic series. Its entire story is based on the residents of Letterkenny. And its main character is Wayne and Katy of a small rural community in Ontario. Both of them are siblings and work in one of their small farms. This series is based on worldly themes.

To date, 8 seasons of this series have been presented. This series has been very successful. In 2017, the series won the Best Comedy Series at the Canadian Screen Awards. The Letterkenny series is presented in the United States under the name Hulu.

In the end, let’s see some famous Letterkenny quotes with images.

Letterkenny Quotes :

letterkenny quotes
Today, the world needs to get more face-to-face, not Facebook!
letterkenny quotes
Dude, you can’t climb a hill with the help of a broken tire.

I am happy to call my name from under a bottle. – Letterkenny Series

Just as we barely get a perfect shot, like that we get a chance to win rarely. – Letterkenny Series

We all naturally take care of partners in life. – Letterkenny Series

We are all well brought up, we are not spoiled by birth. – Letterkenny Series

letterkenny quotes
If you are coming back to do something, you better come.
letterkenny quotes
Sometimes our life becomes the street of broken dreams.

When you complain about someone, he becomes more receptive to changes in his behavior. – Letterkenny Series

Sometimes there comes a time in life that we are forced to think about what is its nature. – Letterkenny Series

I suggest you, inspire one person in your life. – Letterkenny Quotes

letterkenny quotes
I wish all were not so strange in the world.

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