Kyojuro Rengoku Quotes

Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku Quotes :

rengoku set your heart ablaze quote

Set your heart ablaze, go beyond your limits! — Kyojuro Rengoku

Life is a series of decisions. You never have unlimited options or unlimited time to think, but what you choose in that instant defines who you are. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Don’t feel bad that I’m going to die. As a Hashira it’s natural I’d protect you all. — Kyojuro Rengoku

If you stop and crouch down, time won’t wait for you or snuggle you and grieve along with you. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Even we rarely get the chance to comfort one! It makes me envious. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku Quotes

True strength does not just referred to the physical body. — Kyojuro Rengoku

No matter how devastated you may be by your own weakness or uselessness, set your heart ablaze. — Kyojuro Rengoku

I must do what is my duty. I won’t let anyone know what’s here. — Kyojuro Rengoku

If you born blessed with more bountiful gifts than others than never use those God given strength to bring harm to mankind or for your own selfish desires. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Those who are born blessed with more bountiful gifts than others, are obligated to use those gifts for the sake of the world. — Kyojuro Rengoku

kyōjurō rengoku quotes

No matter how battered we are, we’ll always rise again to fight. — Kyojuro Rengoku

If you are feeling disheartened that you are somehow not enough, set your heart a ablaze. Try your eyes and look ahead. You may feel like digging your heels in. But the flow of time waits for no one, it won’t patiently stand by as you grieve. Don’t feel bad that I’m going to die. As a Hashira it’s natural I’d protect you all. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Let me make this clear, your opponent stands before you now. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Growing old and dying is what gives meaning and beauty to the fleeting span of a human life. It’s precisely because we age and die that our lives have value and nobility. — Kyojuro Rengoku

If you bare your fangs at innocent people, my bright red flame blade will burn you to the bone. — Kyojuro Rengoku

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demon slayer kyojuro rengoku quotes

Strength is not a word that means much in regard to the flesh. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Whatever path you walk you’ll be a great person! You have a burning passion in your heart! So let’s do our best! Let’s work hard in life! Even if we’re lonely! — Kyojuro Rengoku

If you get knocked down by your own weakness and cowardice, flame up your heart, grit your teeth and move forward. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Warriors who strive to save other people’s lives are precious. Their pure and single-minded dedication is separate from their natural talent. They don’t risk their lives to earn praise. They simply feel that they must. What they choose in that moment, is a cry from the depths of their souls. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Not being all alone, I think it’s a blessing. — Kyojuro Rengoku

rengoku demon slayer quotes

I won’t let anyone suffer the same grief that we did. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Spirit alone isn’t gonna get me anywhere! Use your head, not just your spirit. Think, think. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Don’t go down in defeat. Set your heart. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Falling deeper into sleep, deep in their dreams. Forget to breathe, deep in their dreams. — Kyojuro Rengoku

Work at it. All I can do is work hard. That’s the story of my life. — Kyojuro Rengoku

rengoku quotes

No matter what path you take, you’re going to become a fine human being! — Kyojuro Rengoku

Killing for no reason without a second thought. Without any hint of remorse. I won’t allow this kind of tyranny! — Kyojuro Rengoku

It’s the duty of those born strong to help those who may be less fortunate. — Kyojuro Rengoku

No matter how many lives the demons take, the one thing they can never crush is a human’s will. — Kyojuro Rengoku