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Today we are going to see some amazing Kevin Gates quotes collection. Kevin Gates is an American rapper and entrepreneur.

Kevin had to face a lot of trouble since childhood. But he became a famous rapper because of his hard work and talent. So let’s know a little more about Gates’ life.

Who Is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates’s real name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard. The name Kevin Gates is his stag name. Kevin was born on 5 February 1986 in South Region Louisiana, United States.

His father was African American and the mother was Puerto Rican. His family moved to Baton Rouge shortly after Kevin’s birth. When Kevin was 14 years old. His father then died of AIDS disease.

At the age of 17, he started studying at Baton Rouge Community College. Gates began his rapper’s career in 2000 with two of his friends, Boosie Badge and Webby. In 2007, they all signed on to a local label Dead Game Records.

Best 120 Kevin Gates Quotes About Love, Relationship, Music And Loyalty 1 Best 120 Kevin Gates Quotes About Love, Relationship, Music And Loyalty

But in 2008, separate cases were registered against Gates and Boosie. And both were sentenced to jail for 31 months. He started his music career immediately after leaving jail.

So far, Kevin has given a number of hit songs like Really Really, 2 Phones, Push It, Islah and I’m Him. In 2016, his Islah Song was ranked second on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Apart from that, many of Kevin’s mixtapes Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means and Luca Brasi 2 have entered the Top 40 in the Billboard 200 chart.

Today Kevin is signed to the Bread Winners Association in partnership with Atlantic Winners. Kevin Gates is primarily known for his “confessional anthem”

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Most of his songs are a mixture of autobiographical songs. Today his name comes in the list of influential artists like Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur and Eminem.

So let’s take a look at some life-changing quotes from America’s successful rapper Kevin Gates. I hope you will like these quotes very much.

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Best Kevin Gates Quotes :

Gates Quotes
You can’t make everyone happy.  But even without making everyone happy you can stay on top. (Photo by Jimmy Fontaine)

Things that were interesting at one point don’t seem as interesting going forward. ― Kevin Gates

I have trouble with letting go and this is my problem. ― Kevin Gates

I don’t believe in religion. But I live my life with one principle: As far as I exist, I will love God and will continue to love others like myself. ― Kevin Gates

You have two ways. you learn fast or you die young. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

Quotes by kevin gates
We should never tell anyone what we cannot do. (Credit : )

As much as my popularity increases, I become lonely. Because people don’t really know me. People only know this part of me that they see. People fell in love with him. But it is more complex than completing the surface. ― Kevin Gates

I always like to be a reader. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

I am a super sensitive person. The smallest thing can be big for me. I always say what I think. ― Kevin Gates

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Our true wealth is our mind. Because if you give me a fish, I will be able to eat it for a day. But if you taught me fish, you fed me forever. So this is my real philosophy. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates sayings
Always remember that there is light after dark. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Only you have to believe in yourself. (Credit :

I always knew who I was, and I always used to run from my real purpose. I know what my job is. But I always kept running from it. ― Kevin Gates

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I have always been taught not to answer no questions. I’m not really good at answering everyone because I get excited very quickly. ― Kevin Gates

I like simple things. All my clothes look very much alike. I am a simple and simple kind of man. I don’t really do the busy colors. I think less is more. ― Kevin Gates

The person whose borderline is brilliant. He mostly suffers from depression. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates famous quotes
I live my life using the ten percent rule. If you save one, you save one thousand. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

I don’t mind how other people see the world. I look at him like this. I look at it from a different perspective. ― Kevin Gates

I do not know what is perfect. But I am very close to perfect. But I’m sure God is perfect. ― Kevin Gates

Everyone around you pretends that they are your partner. But everyone has a problem that prevents them from helping others. ― Kevin Gates

Entertainment and streets can never run together. Because when the entertainment starts, the streets stop. ― Kevin Gates

best kevin gates quotes
I respect every man who demands respect from me. (Credit :

People can change anytime and pounce on you. You just have to be ready so that it doesn’t surprise you. ― Kevin Gates

The energy of the daytime is very different because then everyone is mostly sad and depressed. So I like to go out at night. Then everything is organized, you can see more. ― Kevin Gates

Yes, I like to accept. But I am not seeking anyone’s approval. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

When someone tries to destroy you, they also destroy themselves in the process. So fuck them and hard work! ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates quotes
I always treat people the same way as I would like other people to treat me. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

Inspiration in life comes from many things, and for me, inspiration comes from music. ― Kevin Gates

There is a perfect imperfection in me, but my craft is complete. I just need affection emotionally. I am an introvert but it comes in the form of aggression. ― Kevin Gates

I may come from below, but my aim is higher than the stars. ― Kevin Gates

The only thing that is difficult for me is to speak in words about something. And I understand such things with my music. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates sayings
I never fall between any kind of expectations. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

I had no problem in jail except for one thing. And this is that in jail I cannot make music. ― Kevin Gates

If I tell you that I am different, will you be able to understand the difference? ― Kevin Gates

I really don’t like talking because I like to act. I’m not just a talking person. I’m an action person. ― Kevin Gates

While I was in jail, it was to my advantage that I was able to think of myself. I knew what I really like. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates short quotes
I have the power to bear every pressure. ― Kevin Gates

We can learn something from everything. You can also learn from the dummy. You can learn from a dummy what not to do. ― Kevin Gates

Being logical gave me reason to doubt everything. ― Kevin Gates

Prison was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. ― Kevin Gates

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Breathing activity is also important with physical activity, then how important is it with psychological activity? ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates love quotes
One important thing I learned in my life is how much I love music. ― Kevin Gates

I have done 6 jobs till date but still I am not tired! ― Kevin Gates Quotes

Much of the knowledge is imparted to those who want to know it. ― Kevin Gates

Wise men correct their mistakes and fools remain the same. ― Kevin Gates

I am an analytical person. I am able to notice things that most people do not notice. ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Love Quotes :

kevin gates quotes about love
I love God, I love the rest of the people around me just like myself, and I also love my enemy. (Credit:

If you get separated from the person you love, then you may be faced with loneliness. Then the feelings you will experience will change you completely. ― Kevin Gates

Love is a battlefield that will not end in just one night. ― Kevin Gates

If you want to fall in love fast then fall. But make sure you handle it delicately.  ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates quotes on love
I fall in love easily. I think some people may consider this problem. (Credit :

My life is a sacrifice but I don’t care for it. Because this sacrifice is for those who love me, it is not for me. ― Kevin Gates

When you follow your heart, then you will win! ― Kevin Gates Quotes

Kevin Gates Quotes About Money :

Kevin Gates Quotes About Money
If making money was easy we’d all be rich! ― Kevin Gates Quotes

I know that money is coming and money will come. Because I am not waiting for anyone, I am going to get it. ― Kevin Gates

The best thing you can do is get money. Mind your business, and get money. ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Relationship Quotes :

kevin gates relationship quotes
If you want to know someone, then you have to be intimate with that person. (Credit :

I like being with my family and this is my one of a kind party. ― Kevin Gates

Remember that often the people who know you are the ones who hate you the most. ― Kevin Gates

Everyone’s feeling is important. Therefore it is illegal to steal and leave someone’s feelings. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates relationship quotes
For me marriage is the most wonderful thing ever. (Credit :

I believe that my first daughter informed me, improved me and made me better. And so I named my first album after my first daughter.

I have always wanted a family. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

Kevin Gates Quotes About Life :

kevin gates quotes about life
Always treat people the way you want them to be. ― Kevin Gates

If you do not believe in your destiny and your determination, you will be deported. ― Kevin Gates

Some situations in life come for you to learn and it is good for you to learn. ― Kevin Gates

My one good thing is that whatever I am feeling in a moment, I feel it completely. ― Kevin Gates

Our life is about how we conduct ourselves.  ― Kevin Gates Quotes

kevin gates life quotes
I think self-reflection is the best reflection. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

If you don’t like it, that’s it. But you have to respect it. ― Kevin Gates

When you change your standard of living you will face tough opponents and situations. ― Kevin Gates

Some people think life is a gamble and love a casino. Everyone is playing just to win. ― Kevin Gates

If you see people daily then you will be able to see their true colors. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates quotes about life
Sometimes the best move is no move. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

The most difficult thing is to love your enemy. ― Kevin Gates

Pocket wealth is not true wealth. But our heart and mind is our true wealth. ― Kevin Gates

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I like it wherever I am. But at the same time, I also love where we are going. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates quotes about life
Without true pain, you can never know true happiness. (Credit:

I believe that life is a journey and the journey is never done according to plan. ― Kevin Gates

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When I look at other people’s lives, I find that people feel that they are too old to play with toys. But I remember my childhood every time I passed by the front of the toy store. So I still get toys. ― Kevin Gates

I am a person full of emotion. Because I am not made of concrete. I am a real person. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates quotes about life
If you attach yourself to peer pressure, you hand over your luck to failure. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

I have hurt a lot in my life. But this hurt allows me to be alive. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

In life, we can achieve all things through wisdom and knowledge. ― Kevin Gates

Out my window. I see everything I dream about and wish I had. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates quotes about life
Never break something that makes someone dominant. (Credit:

We can regain whatever we lose in life apart from time. Therefore, time is the most valuable. ― Kevin Gates

We never know how much we love a thing until we can do it. ― Kevin Gates

You cannot really appreciate any good until you know the bad. ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Quotes On Music :

music lesson quotes
Whatever things I cannot express, I will express them in my music. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

I’m super serious about music. That’s, like, the only thing I’m serious about. ― Kevin Gates

Having a musical outlet is a pure blessing to the ears of thousands of fans. ― Kevin Gates

I care less about specials. I just like making music. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

kevin gates quotes on music
I never pay attention to sales because music is most important to me. It is about music. Music is all I have. (Credit:

A hot producer cannot make a hot beat for me. I just love music. ― Kevin Gates

I just like making music and getting tattoos. And that’s what I like. I will keep doing these things even if I am not paid. ― Kevin Gates

I suffer from depression and music is the most therapeutic thing for me. ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Quotes On Music
Everything I have in life is music. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

I write my best music in the car and late at night. ― Kevin Gates

For me music is like a magazine. And also like my personal diary. ― Kevin Gates

Make your own choice. Feel your decisions, your own thoughts, and your feelings. ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Motivational Quotes :

kevin gates motivational quotes
Why you accept failure when success is free? ― Kevin Gates Quotes

Adversity builds character. Therefore, face adversity without fear. ― Kevin Gates

The struggle in life is real but it does not last forever. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

Whenever you decide to achieve a goal. Then complete it.  ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates motivational quotes
I am never afraid of making mistakes. (Credit:

No matter how the environment we are. We have to adapt and adjust it. ― Kevin Gates

If you don’t know your own way, make one. ― Kevin Gates

If something matters to you, pursue it aggressively. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

kevin gates inspirational quotes
A vision without action is only a dream. And the action comes only with hustle and persistence. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

The things that anger us should be used as fuel to improve ourselves. ― Kevin Gates

I take inspiration from everything happening around me. ― Kevin Gates

I do not sleep much. Because I like to work. ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Quotes About Trust :

kevin gates quotes about trust
I just trust myself. I am super passionate about my craft and super passionate about everything I do. (Credit: youtube)

I have trust issues with allowing other individuals to know my innermost secrets for fear of how I may be viewed.  ― Kevin Gates

If I tell the truth about myself, what can the world say about it? ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Loyalty Quotes :

kevin gates quotes about loyalty
Those who don’t know the value of loyalty, won’t understand the cost of Betrayal. ― Kevin Gates Quotes

I do everything faithfully. I spend my time and my heart in whatever work I do. ― Kevin Gates

I put my flaws in front of everyone. The world has accepted my flaws and therefore I have no-fault. ― Kevin Gates

kevin gates loyalty quotes
Loyalty is hard to find and trust is easy to lose. ― Kevin Gates

A loyal chick comes with a smart-ass mouth and a crazy-ass attitude. ― Kevin Gates

The most loyal people don’t have too many friends, Because they are witness too much disloyal shit from people. ― Kevin Gates