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In this post, we are going to talk about John Muir who is known by “Father of the National Parks”. He has done a lot of work for the conservation of forests in the United States. So let’s see this environmental philosopher and botanist John Muir quotes with images.

Who Is John Muir?

young John Muir
John Muir in 1875

John Muir was an influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, botanist and zoologist. He is also known as “John of the Mountains”. His love of nature is reflected in his books and essays.

About John Muir :

John Muir was born in Dunbar, Scotland. His father’s name is Daniel Muir and his mother’s name is Ann Gilrye. He was one of his eight children. Because of his strict religious upbringing, his love for nature started growing when he was young.

He became a “restless soul” in his youth. He spent almost his entire life in America. But he never forgot his birthplace Scotland. 

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He loved the poems of Thomas Carlile and Robert Burns. When he used to go for a stay in the jungle, he used to carry the poems of Burns with him. He returned to Scotland in 1893 after spending several years in America.

John Muir has protected many Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Parks during his life. He co-founded a club. Which is the main US conservation organization of America. Which is named Sierra Club.

John Muir
John Muir in 1902

He published two historical articles “Treasure of Yosemite” and “Features of Proposed Yosemite National Park” to make Yosemite a national park. In which he went into detail about the advantages of the national park.

Apart from this, he also explained the spiritual importance of nature to the people. John Muir is considered one of the twentieth-century American environmental patron saints. Apart from all this, he was also a political spokesman and ecological thinker.

His books and articles have provided important guidance to people. He has worked to increase our unity with the Earth of the people.

John Muir’s Death :

John Muir home
John Muir’s home in Martinez, California

John Muir died at the age of 76 in 1914 at a California hospital in Los Angeles. The cause of his death was his pneumonia disease.

John Muir Day was celebrated for the first time in Scotland on 21 April 2013 on the 175th anniversary of his birth in memory of his dedication to nature. Today, on 21 April, this day is celebrated as John Muir Day.

In the end, let’s see some John Muir quotes with images.

John Muir Quotes :

Our thoughts on any subject are not more terrible and pathetic than the thought of our death.

Our death is indeed selfless.

Today most people live on the world, but no one wants to get into it.

john muir quotes
Everyone needs beauty in the world… but nobody knows how to handle it.
john muir quotes
No matter how many paths you take in life, you must face the mess.

Earth is not sad that it cannot recover on its own.

The wildest thing on earth is the purest.

When we try to take anything out of ourselves, we remove it from the universe.

john muir quotes
The power of our imagination makes us unlimited.
john muir quotes
The sun shines in us, not on us.

Do not blindly oppose progress but oppose blind progress.

Spring always does his work with joy.

No synonym of God is as perfect as beauty.

john muir quotes
Everyone needs beauty in the world… but nobody knows how to handle it.
john muir quotes
The great people of the world want to see it wholeheartedly before the world goes into darkness.

Most people do not see what they should see when traveling.

We have limited the rights of the rest of creation for our selfishness.

How spectacular are the raindrops in the rainbow?

john muir quotes
The storm will give you his energy.
john muir quotes
Sunrise is such an eternal grand show that always happens somewhere.

Walk-in any direction and take advantage of the freedom of the climber.

People always find it more interesting to watch with curiosity.

John Muir Quotes About Trees :

john muir quotes about trees
I think there is a door to a new world between every two trees.

Today the universe is cleanest because of a forest. – John Muir

When I go to the forest, I lose my mind and find my soul. – John Muir

Just as gold is precious, more than that, the forest of the earth is precious. – John Muir

john muir quotes about trees
When the sun falls on the trees, one who sees it feels peace.
john muir quotes about trees
We travel with trees and animals in the Milky Way. That’s why we are all one family.

John Muir Quotes About Nature :

Everyone in the world has a love of wild nature. – John Muir

Just one touch of nature makes the whole world a family. – John Muir

No single piece is different in nature. – John Muir

john muir quotes about nature
When any nature pulls one thing, then only it finds it connected with the rest of the world.
john muir quotes about nature
Natural winds transmit your freshness in you.

I only like living to see the love of nature. – John Muir

The hidden cell in nature beats with music and life. – John Muir

We all have narrowed nature to fulfill our selfish fantasies. – John Muir

john muir quotes about nature
One who walks with nature gets more than he wants.

John Muir Quotes About Mountains :

Climb the mountains and get their goodies. – John Muir Quotes

The performance of the mountains is better than the cartload of books. – John Muir Quotes

john muir quotes about mountains
When the mountains call me, I definitely go.

For me, going to the mountains is like going to my house. – John Muir Quotes

When the sun greeting the mountains, it is the most spectacular event according to me. – John Muir Quotes

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