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Joe Rogan is an American comedian, podcast host, television host, actor and mixed martial arts color commentator. He mostly talks on topics like politics, religion and pop culture in his podcasts.

Joe Rogan’s full name is Joseph James Rogan. He was born on August 11, 1967 in the city of Newark, United States.

Joe’s father Joseph Rogan was a former police officer. But no information has been found about his mother.

When Joe was five, his parents were divorced. After that, he had no contact with his father until he was seven years old.

Joe Rogan

When he was seven years old, his family moved from Newark to San Francisco. And when Joe was eleven years old, his family moved to Gainesville.

There he joined Newton South High School and graduated in 1985. He attended Little League Baseball during school. But later he got interested in martial arts.

After learning martial arts, he became very much changed. He first saw himself as a loser. But Martial arts gave him courage and confidence.

Because of this, he started to understand himself and his attitude of living changed. After martial arts, he also learned karate, Taekwondo and kickboxing.

When he was 19 years old he participated in the US Open Championship taekwondo tournament and also won.

Joe Rogan

And at the age of 21, he started having some pain in the head. Because of this, he quit participating in fight tournaments.

Joe Rogan never intended to be a stand-up comedian. He had to pursue a career in kickboxing.

But due to the problem of headaches, he decided to become a stand-up comedian. Because when he was young, he also had a dream of becoming a comedian.

He also once said that he was quite nervous about his future. But when he became a stand-up comedian, he got the direction of his life.

Joe Rogan gave his first performance at the Stitches comedy club on August 27, 1988, after six months of preparation.

Joe Rogan

And along with that, he also used to teach martial arts at Boston University to run his expenses.

In a few months, he became very famous with his blue comedy style and started earning a lot of money too.

And the age of 24, He moved to New York City. There he started working as a full-time comedian.

Then moved to Los Angeles in 1994. While there, he signed an exclusive developmental deal with Disney and also worked in several television shows.

In 1997, he worked as an interviewer and color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And from 2001 to 2006, Joe worked as the host of the American stunt show Fear Factor.

In 2009, Joe launched his first podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Because of this, he got a lot of fame and wealth.

Joe Rogan

Then in 2011 he also played the lead role in the comedy film Zookeeper.

His podcasts became quite popular in January 2015. His podcast was downloaded 16 million times per month. And because of this, he became the most popular free podcasts.

On May 19, 2020, Joe Rogan also signed a multi-year licensing deal with Spotify of 100 million dollars. This deal was the biggest deal of podcast business till date.

Joe Rogan has received several awards for his outstanding work, including the Teen Choice Award, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award and seven MMA Personality of the Year Awards.

Joe Rogan Quotes :

Joe Rogan Quotes
If you can lie, you can act. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“Surround myself with funny people, and make sure everyone has a good time and works hard. That’s my only goal.” – Joe Rogan

“The universe rewards calculated risk and passion.” – Joe Rogan

“Reality really is a theatre.  There’s no other way to describe it.  It’s all so nonsensical, ridiculous and chaotic.” – Joe Rogan

“When you truly love someone, the thought of losing them forever is horrible.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Quotes
Instead of being jealous you can be inspired and appreciative.  It carries more energy to you. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“I had a sense of who I was before I got famous.” – Joe Rogan

“There’s a direct correlation between positive energy and positive results in the physical form. So Stay Positive.” – Joe Rogan

“If you are the greatest, why would you go around talking about it?” – Joe Rogan

“One of the reasons why people look towards the end of humanity is that people are afraid to die alone.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Quotes
Be cool to people.  Be nice to as many people as you can. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“When someone comes along and expresses him or herself as freely as they think, people flock to it.  They enjoy it.” – Joe Rogan

“Instead of investing your time in a passion, you’ve sold your life to work for an uncaring machine that doesn’t understand you. That’s the problem with our society.” – Joe Rogan

“Once you understand what excellence is all about…you see how excellence manifests itself in any discipline.” – Joe Rogan

“If you die alone, the people you love will miss you, or if they die, you miss them – the sorrow is inevitable.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Quotes About Hate
The time you spend hating on someone robs you of your own time. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“It’s painful for me to watch someone who isn’t funny.” – Joe Rogan

“We define ourselves far too often by our past failures.  That’s not you.  You are this person right now.  You’re the person who has learned from those failures.” – Joe Rogan

“People for the most part can smell lies.” – Joe Rogan

“I’m obsessed to extreme winners because I think there’s madness to it.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Quotes
Treat everyone as if they were you. If we really are one, then I am you and you are me. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“Comedy is a great occupation because I don’t really worry that much about what other people think of me.” – Joe Rogan

“Get better at whatever you’re doing.” – Joe Rogan

“The key to happiness doesn’t lay in numbers in a bank account but in the way we make others feel.” – Joe Rogan

“I truly believe that in order to truly be great at something you have to give into a certain amount of madness.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Quotes On Kindness
Kindness is one of the best gifts you can bestow. We know that inherently that feels great. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“You can’t measure what’s inside a man’s heart.” – Joe Rogan

“If things aren’t going the way you want them to go, then do something about it. ” – Joe Rogan

“Haters are all failures.” – Joe Rogan Quotes

“Quit talking about your problems and go out and do something to fix them.” – Joe Rogan

“No one who is truly brilliant at anything is a hater.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Quotes
Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“All the time that you spend complaining, you could instead be hustling. You could be figuring out what you’re doing wrong and improving your life.” – Joe Rogan

“Faith itself is a horrible mechanism that stunts the growth of ideas.” – Joe Rogan

“In order to truly be great at something, you have to give into a certain amount of madness.” – Joe Rogan

“100% of all haters in the world are unrealized potential.” – Joe Rogan

“The nicer we are to our fellow human beings, the nicer the universe is to us.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Motivational Quotes :

joe rogan motivational quotes
Don’t waste your time on this earth without making a mark. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“Greatness and madness are next-door neighbors and they often borrow each other’s sugar.” – Joe Rogan

“Work for that feeling that you have accomplished something.” – Joe Rogan

“You don’t get to know yourself without struggle. You don’t know who you are until you get tested.” – Joe Rogan

“Your attitude has a giant effect not just on your life, but on other people’s lives around you.” – Joe Rogan

joe rogan motivational quotes
Do things that are difficult. It’s very important to struggle. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“Everybody sucks at everything when they start. But if you love it, and don’t lie to yourself, then get better at it.” – Joe Rogan

“Someone else’s success does not equal a failure for you.” – Joe Rogan

“Build confidence and momentum with each good decision you make from here on out and choose to be inspired.” – Joe Rogan

“The motivating force that can improve your life if you choose to be inspired and not jealous.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Quotes on Life :

joe rogan quotes on life
By putting yourself in that intense form of stress, it makes regular life more peaceful. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image By Jeff Bottari – Getty Images )

“Your life was a movie and it started now, what would the hero do?” – Joe Rogan

“Life is about the pursuit of excellence.” – Joe Rogan Quotes

“Live your life like there is a documentary crew following you around and you are analyzing your own behavior.” – Joe Rogan

joe rogan quotes on life
Live your life like you’re the hero in your own movie. – Joe Rogan Quotes (Image Source:

“If you can control what you eat, you can control all other aspects of your life.” – Joe Rogan

“Life is strange.  You keep moving and keep moving.  Before you know it, you look back and think, ‘What was that?” – Joe Rogan

“One of the most fascinating lessons I’ve absorbed about life is that the struggle is good.” – Joe Rogan

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