hooked book summary

In this post, we are going to see Nir Eyal’s Book Hooked Book Summary. Many people have liked this book. If we take this book in a good way, then we can create a product that will be as successful as Facebook, Google, Instagram and PUBG mobile.

If you are creating or want to do some new business, then you should definitely read this book. So let’s see the quick summary of this book.

Hooked Book Summary :

Research has revealed that 79 % of smartphone users immediately use their smartphones as they get up in the morning. they don’t brush teeth and talking to someone at home or close ones important or necessary.

First of all, they check their cell phone notifications. and we must accept the fact that big companies have made us addicted to their product.

People have been hooked, trapped and became addicted to these social media platforms. we use smartphones thinking that only for a few minutes will be using it. but as we start using the internet, an hour passes and we don’t even realize, why exactly it happens.

Why people are so addicted to social media platforms and for games etc. today you will come to know the secrets and techniques of all these things.

When the author works for the gaming and advertising industry at that time he used to think that how’s it possible. like, on the one hand, few companies spend millions in order to create their awesome products.

On the other hand, few companies sell things under virtual gaming and earn millions. The best example of this is today’s all online multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty and Fortnite. In which people give real money for the things found within the games.

Some peoples are angry at why people are paying money for virtual things. But to be very frank there is not much difference between them and us. actually its nothing new, companies are earning a lot or in million by selling virtual things under games.

Hence here your question shouldn’t be like how can people be so stupid. instead, it should be how companies are so smart and earning million through selling virtual things. what all techniques they have used and made this thing possible.

What techniques they have used and what’s the scientific reason behind these things. how people have become so addicted to their games and products. because of which people not only give their time but also agrees to pay for it and how we can learn from them.

And what all things we can do for ourselves and for business growth. If you are interested in finding out answers for such questions then in today’s amazing book summary. this book gives an answer to these questions.

The biggest reason because of which we spend hours using the internet is nothing but our own habits. Among all the work we do regularly 40% of work is done on the bases of our habit.

And by understanding it very well and with the use of one concept, big companies able to manipulate us. That concept is known as hook as per the author. the author says every good thing which passes on through the hook cycle or our habits.

And to do that thing we never think about our time, money and energy and we can’t stay without doing it. Hence, big companies use hook models in order to create a habit-forming product.

It is made up of 4 parts or can say these are 4 phase through which we human continuously pass. and becomes addictive of their products. The first phase amongst 4 is…

1) Trigger :

Hooked Book Summary: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

The way key is needed to start a car similar to start a hook cycle there is a need of trigger. Trigger tells people what should be their next action. it works as a reminder. after getting it people able to remember about companies products and they start using it.

For example, whenever a person gets a notification of any youtube video. after watching that notification video people start watching other videos. this is an example of an external trigger.

Usually, there are 2 types of triggers. First External Trigger and second Internal trigger.

External Trigger :

The trigger which comes in your brain because of others not because of you then that is an external trigger. under this also there are different types of triggers. such as…

Paid Triggers:

These triggers are bought such as advertisement, SMS, etc.

Earned Triggers:

Which is taken with the help of PR Activity and campaign.

Relationship Trigger:

where your Friends or relatives recommend you about some product.

Own Trigger:

Whenever users download your app, and when they see your app icon in their phone. they remember about you and start using your app.

Usually, all different notifications are an example of these triggers. Now the main point is Big Companies put a lot of focus and spend millions on these external triggers.

Whereas Internal Triggers are much powerful than these external Triggers for creating habit-forming products. Now let’s discuss internal Trigger.

Internal Trigger :

It’s coming from inside, which means any user or customer feels trigger by themselves. here user or customer brain by itself reminds the person about the product and encourages them to use it.

The best example of this is Instagram. whenever a user of Instagram feels that there are some special moments or time going in their life. so they immediately capture those moments and store it on Instagram.

Because of this, they feel they will never going to lose those moments and they have saved their special time. and this thing emotionally satisfies them.

After some months or years, this thing becomes their habit and they start capturing and sharing every small moment.

Hence always remember one important thing. your product should make your customer or user feel emotional satisfies or good or else your product should lessen their pain.

At the start, every product or app needs to be spread through an external trigger but your aim should be on the internal trigger.

So that people, again and again, use your product through an internal trigger, not because of external triggers. and in order to reach till internal trigger its really important for you to reduce your customer or user pain and should satisfy them emotionally and should make them happy.

For example, YouTube Eliminates Boring emotion, Facebook loneliness and google eliminates confusion curiosity. Similarly, even your product should solve other problems or else it should make others feel good.

Because if users don’t feel good by using your product then no matter what you do. You will never able to create a habit-forming product. After getting trigger the second most important step from the hook model is…

2) Action :

Hooked Book Summary: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

Today everyone needs a good return after doing a little work. The more they’ll take action as per your preferences and the more they will form a habit. For example, before WhatsApp earlier for every messaging app, there was a need to create a login, password and id in order to use it.

Whereas on the other side for WhatsApp you need to register your phone number just for ones. After taking that one simple action users to get a reward of unlimited messaging reward.

Whatsapp has another reason behind its success. there were many messaging apps, through which you can send messages to your contact. But the thing which creates difference and which made WhatsApp such a huge hit was WhatsApp Simplicity.

Whatsapp is very much easy to use the app. for using WhatsApp, the user has to take very simple and easy actions and steps at the start.

Hence this simple easy step action, less brainpower and free nature have made WhatsApp so much successful and huge. hence try to make your product and service as simple as you can.

Without action, the habit can never be formed, and users will take action only when they get a reward after taking action. so hook model 3rd step is…..

3) Reward :

Hooked Book Summary: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

To understand this, you think that a friend of yours comes to the house to help you. He helps you very well and after work, you take him to some good restaurant to eat food. So in case you gave your friend some rewards in return for helping you.

If you let go instead of just saying thank you, then that friend will not come to help you a second time. In this way, everyone needs some reward in exchange for doing anything.

Therefore, if you want to make your product successful, then it is very important to give some reward to the user. It is important to keep in mind that the Harbor you are giving should not be the same.

Because if you have the same reward dose every time, then people will get bored and there will be no cost for your reward. Hence it’s really very important that people or users get variable rewards and different kinds of rewards always. Let’s see various types of rewards examples.

Its best example is PUBG mobile game. In this game, our level gets upgraded as we play further and we get new clothes, guns and many other things as rewards. We can call it a reward.

Once you reach a high level, you don’t like leaving the game and you keep playing for the greed of rewards. And that’s how we become addicted to this game. The biggest reason for this game to be popular is that the game developers have followed this rule very well. let’s see a second example.

The reason Facebook is so addictive because when you get into news feed you able to see different things. some interesting things, some not so interesting things, some good images post and videos or some bad and various other things.

You’ll able to see just by finger flick. and because of this variable reward, people spend hours on Facebook and become addicted.

Similarly, if you want to create a habit-forming product hence try to keep novelty in your product. try not to give the same thing, again and again, do keep variation otherwise, users can get bore.

4) Investment :

Hooked Book Summary: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

You have ever thought why video games are so addictive, and why people play it so many times. well, this book shares various reasons but the biggest reason is while playing, people invest a lot in a game.

Here you must have thought as an investment for what? usually, games are free. Well, investment is not always about money. but people invest their time, energy while increasing their achievements, in order to increase their level.

They invest so much time, energy and efforts that it becomes difficult for them to leave that game, and they keep playing it.

Because they feel everything will be wasted if they don’t play it. Along with Trigger, Action and reward another the most important thing which is required to form an addictive product is Users Investment.

The more user invests their time, energy, resources, efforts, data and social currency. the more user will become addicted or dependent on your product.

For example: As people into Facebook, they start investing in it. they start increasing their friend list, they start filling their profile and start uploading pics and other things on it. all these things are kind of investment.

Even in mail sites, whenever a person uses mails like Yahoo or Gmail. all-important mail that the user receives starts getting saved and the more user starts getting dependent and never switch to other sites.

Hence even your product should be like where people invest some kind of resource into it. the more people will have their investment in your product the more they will value your product. and also they will use it more.

These are the most interesting knowledge and information from an amazing book known as Hooked by Nir Eyal. this book contains various other important and useful knowledge regarding business and habits.

So, if you have an interest in business or want to create addictive habit-forming products or services just like Facebook, twitter and google then for you reading this book is really very important.

Therefore, if you want to read this book completely and you have to buy this book, then you can take it from the link given below.