Genghis Khan Quotes

Genghis Khan was the emperor and founder of the Mongol Empire. He made the Mongol Empire the largest contiguous empire in history. And he fought and won many battles.

He united many tribes of Asia. But Genghis Khan is considered by many to be a cruel ruler. So let’s know more about them and finally see some Genghis Khan quotes with images.

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Who Is Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan's portrait
Genghis Khan’s portrait in a 14th-century

Genghis Khan’s real name is Temujin Borjigin. He is also known as Genghis Huangdi. He was born on 1162 in Khentii Mountains, Khamag Mongol. His father’s name is Yesugei who was the chief of the Khamag Mongol confederation. His mother’s name was Hoelun.

About Genghis Khan Life :

Genghis Khan’s father was no emperor. But when Genghis united the tribes of Northeast Asia. He came to power after that. After the establishment of the empire, Genghis Khan started attacking the Mongol kingdoms. And won it. 

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He established his empire by occupying almost half of China and Central Asia during his lifetime. All these were achieved by the extraordinary military force. Because of this, Genghis Khan was considered the biggest winner of the time.

Mural of siege warfare
Mural of siege warfare

Genghis Khan has greatly advanced his empire Mongol. He used the Uygar script in his empire. Today Mongolians see Genghis Khan as the founding father of Mongolia.

Genghis Khan appointed ogedei Khan as his successor before he died. His empire was then carried forward by his grandson. Till then Genghis Khan was alive. In 1227 Genghis Khan defeated the Western Shia. And he died suddenly a short time later. The reason for his death is still a mystery.

Gold coin of Genghis Khan
Gold coin of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan fought many battles during his time. Many people lost their lives in this fight. Due to this reason, the reputation of Genghis Khan’s empire was frightening.

But there is also a Positive image of Genghis Khan. The credit for bringing the Silk Road first goes to Genghis Khan. He had greatly expanded the trade between the three cultural regions of West, Middle East and Asia. Apart from that, he made people tolerant of religions.

Genghis Khan Quotes :

genghis khan quotes
The strength of a wall cannot exceed the courage of the defending men.

“If a lie can show the truth, then it can be true.” – Genghis Khan

“Most empires in the world are built on lies and this is the truth.” – Genghis Khan

“Find your true happiness.” – Genghis Khan

“The result of any task does not look good before it ends.” – Genghis Khan

genghis khan quotes
I think that the greatest pleasure of a man comes from killing his enemy.
genghis khan quotes
If a friend does something you don’t like, you should still keep it as a friend.

“If my body dies, then there is nothing but my country should not die.” – Genghis Khan

“I think my life was too short to conquer the world.” – Genghis Khan

“Anyone can escape with one arrow alone, but no one can escape with many arrows.” – Genghis Khan

“Remember, your true partner is just your shadow.” – Genghis Khan

genghis khan quotes
I wish whenever I die, die in my house.

“I hope my children will be able to live a better life than me.” – Genghis Khan

“The pleasure of travel comes only when you see new cities and meet new people.” – Genghis Khan

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“Man gets his highest pleasure from victory.” – Genghis Khan

“My one rule is that I will spare them all who surrender.” – Genghis Khan

genghis khan quotes
A true leader is happy only when his people are happy.
genghis khan quotes
All of us must follow certain laws so that happiness remains in the world.

“Nothing can ever be solved by violence.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

“If you live with one mind and one belief then you can live a happy life.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

“Just as God gave different fingers to the hand, in the same way, each person has given different paths.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

“One can never get success from work done in anger.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

genghis khan quotes
It is very difficult to find peace and happiness in the world.
genghis khan quotes
If you have decided that you want to do something, do not be afraid.

“We get the greatest happiness from defeating our enemy.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

“We always find our last expedition and the time of our dying near.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

“I hate luxury because it easily makes us forget our goal.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

“If you are no better than your slave you will lose everything.” – Genghis Khan Quotes

genghis khan quotes
It is not necessary that I cannot get success if the other is unsuccessful.
genghis khan quotes
If you are afraid of doing anything new, then it is better not to do anything.

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