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In this post, we are going to see the great philosopher and religious leader of India, Buddha quotes with images. He is the founder of Buddhism, one of the world’s great and major religions. Buddha is also called a great teacher. So let’s know about his life in short.

Who Is Buddha?

Gautama Buddha

Buddha’s real name is Siddharth Gautama. But later his name became Gautama Buddha. Buddha means “awakened forest” in Sanskrit. He was a great philosopher, scholar, meditator and spiritual teacher of ancient India.

He has shown to the world a middle path between sensual indulgence and severe penance in spirituality. This spiritual path included practices such as moral training and meditation. Today he is revered as the founder of Buddhism.

About Buddha’s Life :

The Buddha was born in the Lumbini, Shakya Republic of ancient India between the sixth and fourth centuries. Which is now in Kasia, India. He belonged to an aristocratic family and belonged to the Shakya dynasty.

Gautama Buddha
The Lumbini pillar contains an inscription stating that this is the Buddha’s birthplace

His father’s name was Shuddhodan, a leader and king of Shakya clan. And his mother’s name was Maya who was the sister of the first Buddhist nun Mahapajapati Gotami.

His mother died seven days after Buddha’s birth. He was raised by his mother’s sister Mahaprajapati. And enjoyed a splendid life as a prince. He received all kinds of enjoyment.

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When he turned 16, he was married to a beautiful princess Yashodhara. After that, his life was well spent. After that, when he was 29, his life changed a lot.

When he got out of his chariot to roam the city. During this journey he first saw a sick person, then a corpse was taken to the crematorium, and finally saw a person sitting in meditation under a tree. He then renounced the life of this indulgence.

Mahabodhi Tree
The Mahabodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya. It is believed that Buddha attained enlightenment under this tree

After this, according to Buddhist tradition, after many years, he meditated. This led to his knowledge of a mechanism that keeps people trapped in the cycle of rebirth. And found a way to get rid of it. After this Buddha built a religious community.

However, until today it is not known what the language of Buddha was. But it is believed that their primary language was Pali.

He gave the people a path that was between erotic indulgence and severe penance. This path was of compassion and kindness. The origin of which was that no one should feel sad because of us.

Buddha’s Last Days :

Dhamek Stupa
Dhamek Stupa in Sarnath, India, site of the first teaching of the Buddha

In the last years of the Buddha, he travels and gave knowledge to many people. The last words before he died were: Strive for the goal with all diligence.

Buddha’s Death :

When Buddha was 80 years old, he became weak and a little ill. After this, they came to know that their last time has come. So he took his last meal from a smith named Chunda. And after eating food, he became seriously ill.

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He then lay to the right between two trees in a place named Kusinara. He then asked his 500 disciples whether he had any last question or doubt. After that, he went into a meditation posture. He died thereafter. Death in this posture is called Parinirvana.

At the end, let’s see some inspiring Buddha Quotes.

Gautama Buddha Quotes :

buddha quotes

Conquering others is not a big deal. If you want to win then conquer yourself.

buddha quotes

Your job in life is to discover your work and then do it diligently.

buddha quotes

Don’t seek out peace because it comes from within you.

Love and compassion are the real strengths of the world. – Buddha

The world’s greatest sorrow lies in isolation.  – Buddha

All faults are caused by the mind. So change your mind. – Buddha

Only our minds can stop us from walking on bad paths. – Buddha

Only when our mind is pure, we get true happiness. – Buddha

There is no one as obedient as a disciplined mind. – Buddha

buddha quotes

We should not see what we did, But we should see what remains to be done.

buddha quotes

Holding our anger means expecting the other person to die.

buddha quotes

We should be like water. Water rises in the river but remains calm in the depths of the sea.

buddha quotes

If someone does something for us, he is doing it not for you but for himself and this is the right path. We should also follow our own path.

buddha quotes

We should avoid lying while we are in our control.

buddha quotes

If we get to know a single flower well then our whole life will change.

buddha quotes

We should avoid evil deeds because it is a poison, he who loves life avoids poison.

buddha quotes

If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your path.

Your greatest enemy cannot harm you as much as your own bad thoughts. – Buddha

You will not be punished for your anger but you will be punished with your anger. – Buddha

To understand everything, you have to forgive everyone. – Buddha

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Do not sit holding your ego. – Buddha

People who give opinions simply annoy each other. – Buddha

When you do anything with an impure mind, you will have trouble. – Buddha

buddha quotes

We are upset because we feel we have time.

buddha quotes

Imagine what you want to create because you become what you imagine.

quote on buddhism

The rule of the world is that we lose what we follow.

quote on buddhism

If you will be free from angry thoughts, then only you can achieve peace.

quote on buddhism

Our tongue is like a knife. The only difference is that blood does not come out of killing it.

There is nothing more terrible in this world than the habit of doubt. – Buddha

He who lives wisely never has any fear of death. – Buddha

A wise man has nothing to do with praise or blame. – Buddha

Our pain is fixed but suffering is optional. – Buddha

Remembering bad memories is like carrying a burden on the mind. – Buddha

Nothing is permanent in the world. – Buddha

quotes from buddha

It is better to keep calm than to say a thousand hollow words.

quotes from buddha

Our past is gone and the future is not here yet. So you only have one moment to live.

quotes from buddha

Those who are not walking in the direction of truth have missed the purpose of living.

quotes from buddha

Do not believe anything unless you agree with your own reason and your common sense.

Just one moment can change one day, one day can change one life and one life can change the world. – Buddha

Even the light of a small candle can remove the darkness. – Buddha

Do not live in the past, do not dream of the future, just focus on the present moment. – Buddha

If you feel that anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart. – Buddha

There is no way to happiness because happiness itself is a path. – Buddha

It is ridiculous to think that someone else can make you happy or sad. – Buddha

the buddha quotes

You cannot travel until you become a path yourself.

the buddha quotes

Meditation is the true key to happiness.

the buddha quotes

Three things cannot remain hidden for long_ the sun, the moon, and the truth.

the buddha quotes

There must be evil in the world because only then we will be able to prove our holiness.

the buddha quotes

Never depend on anyone. Because when you reject all help, then only you will get true salvation.

the buddha quotes

The sanctity or impurity of something depends on you.

A little happiness can give you a lot. – Buddha

Happiness is such a thing that increases by sharing. – Buddha

True love is born only when someone fully embraces each other. – Buddha

The path is not in the sky, rather the path is in the heart. – Buddha

Hatred can never be eradicated by hate, it can only be won by love. – Buddha

Both faith and prayer are invisible, but they can make the impossible things possible. – Buddha

quotes of buddha

One who is not walking on the bad path can walk in the path of truth.

quotes of buddha

The beginning of the thing is sure to end.

quotes of buddha

Our attachment is the root of our suffering.

quotes of buddha

Our body is a precious vehicle. It should be run with great care.

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