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Today we have to see some quotes from England’s Lord Chancellor Francis Bacon. He brought a new revolution in developing scientific methods. 

Apart from this, he is also considered to be the father of empiricism. He developed a new scientific method of reasoning by observing the phenomena of nature.

So let’s know some more special things about Francis Bacon.

Who Is Francis Bacon?

Francis Bacon was born in 1561 in Central London, England. His father is Sir Nicholas Bacon. Who was Lord Keeper of the Great Seal.

He did his early studies at home. When he was 12 years old, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge University. He got a chance to meet her with Queen Elizabeth.

Francis Bacon was quite intelligent. He practiced language, polity and civil law. He then graduated from Oxford.

After completing his studies, Queen Elizabeth of England made Francis his legal advisor due to his sharp intelligence. In addition, he developed libraries in a new way.

He divided books into three categories: history, poetry and philosophy.

Francis gave scientists a new methodological approach so that scientists could avoid being misled into their own goals. He named this method the Baconian method. For this reason, he is considered the father of the scientific method.

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Francis Bacon never married in his life. Due to this, his dynasty came to an end with his death in 1626 at the age of 65. He is buried at St Michael’s Church in Hertfordshire.

Famous Francis Bacon Quotes :

famous francis bacon quotes

The artist’s job is always to deepen the mystery. – Francis Bacon

Silence can also be a virtue of fools. – Francis Bacon

It is good to speak the truth but always be careful in speaking. – Francis Bacon

There is nothing pleasant in that which is not spiced with variety. – Francis Bacon

Art is a way of focusing. – Francis Bacon Quotes

Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority. – Francis Bacon

A bachelor’s life is like a good breakfast. – Francis Bacon

Comfort and hope never bring adversity. – Francis Bacon

If a small task becomes your daily work, then you can defeat the efforts of Spasmodic Hercules. – Francis Bacon

famous francis bacon quotes

Silence is a sleep that nourishes knowledge. – Francis Bacon

Human understanding is only one kind of opinion. – Francis Bacon

A small philosophy can affect the mind of an atheist. – Francis Bacon

Sometimes the remedy worsens with the illness of man. – Francis Bacon

Time is the world’s greatest innovator. – Francis Bacon

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That beauty is the best that no one can express in the picture. – Francis Bacon

Light also needs darkness to shine. – Francis Bacon

If money is not your slave, then understand that he is your master. – Francis Bacon

famous francis bacon quotes

Bad and unqualified formation of words can create an amazing obstacle for the mind. – Francis Bacon

Great bravery rarely happens without some absurdity. – Francis Bacon

Atheism kills the spirit of man. – Francis Bacon Quotes

Prosperity produces fear and distraction. – Francis Bacon

Nature never commands us, yet we must follow its rules. – Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon Empiricism Quotes :

francis bacon empiricism quotes
The hearts of intelligent people are secret and transparent.

All colors agree in the dark. – Francis Bacon

When a man loses his friends, then that man dies. – Francis Bacon

Hope is a good snack for our bad times. – Francis Bacon

A false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy. – Francis Bacon

Reasoning draws a conclusion, but cannot determine the conclusion. – Francis Bacon

Telling the truth is more difficult than telling lies. – Francis Bacon

Revenge is the greatest enemy of justice. – Francis Bacon

One man’s stupidity becomes the fate of another man. – Francis Bacon

Illusion can never hide the truth. – Francis Bacon Quotes

francis bacon empiricism quotes
If a person starts every task comfortably, he will end in doubt.

God never does miracles to convince an atheist. – Francis Bacon

Beauty is like summer fruit. Which is easy to corrupt. – Francis Bacon

If a person is kind and courteous to strangers, it is the best citizen in the world. – Francis Bacon

The path of fate is like the Milken Way in the sky. Which can change anytime. – Francis Bacon

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A man must make his own opportunity. – Francis Bacon Quotes

There can be a limit to grief, but there can be no limit to fear. – Francis Bacon

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. – Francis Bacon

Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not. – Francis Bacon

Money is a great servant but he can also become a bad boss. – Francis Bacon

Lies can never give us happiness. – Francis Bacon Quotes

francis bacon empiricism quotes
If you are not happy for a minute, you have lost 60 seconds of happiness in your life.

Francis Bacon Love Quotes :

It is impossible for love and understanding to coexist. – Francis Bacon

Mankind has been created by love. – Francis Bacon Quotes

Francis Bacon Quotes on Books :

Never read books full of contradiction and controversy. – Francis Bacon

Books speak plainly when counselors blanch. – Francis Bacon

Worthy books are not companions. – Francis Bacon

Books should follow science, science should not follow books. – Francis Bacon

francis bacon quotes on books
Good books are such true friends that never flatter you.

Francis Bacon Quotes on Education :

By studying, we can increase our capacity. – Francis Bacon

Spending too much time in studies is a kind of lethargy. – Francis Bacon

Travel is also a part of education. – Francis Bacon Quotes

Prudential questions are also a part of knowledge. – Francis Bacon

Experience is the best way of knowledge. – Francis Bacon

Reading makes a man perfect. – Francis Bacon

francis bacon quotes on education
Wonder is the seed of knowledge.

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