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Today we are going to see a famous action movie series The Fast and Furious Quotes. Which is based on the story of illegal street racing and spies. So let’s know a little more about this film.

About The Fast and Furious Movie Series :

The first film of The Fast & Furious series was released in 2001. And was distributed by Universal Pictures. The movie includes many famous actors like Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) and Paul Walker.

The idea to make this film was first directed by Rob Cohen. Later shared his idea with producer Neal H. Moritz. In 2000, Rob worked with actor Paul Walker.

Top 30+ Memorable Fast and Furious Quotes With Images 1 Top 30+ Memorable Fast And Furious Quotes With Images

Therefore he sought suggestions from Paul Walker about this film. Walker said he suggested making a new story by mixing the 1990 and 1997 films Days of Thunder and Donnie Brasco.

The story of the film is basically based on illegal street racing. Although this movie series is originally known as The Fast Saga. Till date, 8 parts of this series have been released.

Over the same film series, an animated movie series has also been created, which is Fast and Furious Spy racers. It is produced by DreamWorks Animation.

Top 30+ Memorable Fast and Furious Quotes With Images 2 Top 30+ Memorable Fast And Furious Quotes With Images

Like these films, its music and songs are also very famous. In particular, the song of Tokyo Drift is quite popular.

Fast & Furious is quite popular in the world. For this reason, all films of this series have earned very well. To date, the franchise has raised over $ 5.8 million.

Today lots of video games have also been made on this film.

The Fast and Furious Quotes :

fast and furious quotes
If you make the choice that you will not look back, life is easy for you.

How often do we know that if you do not cheat, you will lose. – Fast & Furious

I am one of those boys who appreciates a good body regardless of my body. – Fast & Furious

You are not as Charming as I thought. – Fast and Furious Quotes

We all know that money comes and goes with time. – Fast & Furious

You know that in this 10-second run I got nothing but time. – Fast & Furious

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I can lie most and this is what I do best. – Fast & Furious

Maybe we are lying to ourselves. And we should think about it. – Fast & Furious

The word has not been invented for me yet. – Fast & Furious


It does not matter whether you win an inch or a mile. Because victory is victory. – Fast & Furious

If you break her heart, I will break your neck. – Fast & Furious

fast and furious quotes
Even when the family leaves you, you should not leave them.

I live my life a quarter-mile at a time. And that time i am completely free. – Fast & Furious

I still do not feel that I am under arrest. – Fast & Furious

Never try to cheat time. – Fast and Furious Quotes

I have no friends but I have a family. – Fast & Furious

Be faithful to your mistake. – Fast & Furious

Whatever is predictable is weak. – Fast & Furious

My brother likes you and usually, he doesn’t like anyone. – Fast & Furious

I have more faith in my character than my money. – Fast & Furious

we do what we do best. – Fast and Furious Quotes

When you choose to be around you. Only then you can find out who you are. – Fast & Furious

fast and furious quotes
If you do not risk your life, what do you get from it?

The most important thing in life is always our family. – Fast & Furious

Ride or die. – Fast and Furious Quotes

We improve anything in our lives. – Fast & Furious

I can reach you whenever I want and break you. – Fast & Furious

We just have to achieve ourselves. – Fast & Furious

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We cannot win every time just by being fast. – Fast & Furious

We do not love anything as long as it is with us. – Fast & Furious

Time to unleash the beast. – Fast & Furious

Always do everything that you have done it before. – Fast & Furious

fast and furious quotes
Your mistake is that you think you have a Goddam Choice.

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