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Hermione Granger is one of the most memorable characters in the famous movie Harry Potter. This character was played by Emma Watson.

Emma has played this character very well. And caught everyone’s attention.

So let’s know a little more about this amazing actress. And finally, let’s see some Emma Watson quotes with images.

Who Is Emma Watson?

Emma Watson’s full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. She was born on 15 April 1990 in Most Popular City Paris, France. She is a famous English actress and model.

Emma’s parents were Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby. They both are lawyers by profession. But when she was younger, her parents got divorced.

She then moved to live with her mother in Oxford, England. Where she started her studies at the Dragon School.

Best 52 Emma Watson Quotes On Feminism, Fear and Human Empowering 1 Best 52 Emma Watson Quotes On Feminism, Fear And Human Empowering

When she was 6 years old, Emma had the fame to become an actress. So she starts training in singing, dancing and acting from Oxford’s Part-Time Theater School and Stagecoach Theater Arts.

By the age of 10, she acted in several Surrey plays. But she had no professional acting experience.

But in 1999, British author J. K. Rowling started to make a film series on top of her novel Harry Potter. And the casting for that film is started.

Watson got the chance to audition through his Oxford theater teacher. And given his confidence and acting, Rowling favored Watson for Hermione Granger’s character.

it’s an important character in the Harry Potter series. This film marked the beginning of her film career.

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When the film was released in 2004, people liked the character of Hermione. And Watson’s acting was called “charismatic” and “a fantastic role to play” by the audience.

The film received two Otto Awards and the Child Performance of the Year Award from Total Film only on Watson’s personal performance. This film made Watson famous worldwide.

After that Watson worked in many films such as My Week with Marilyn, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Regression, Colonia, The Circle, The Bling Ring, the End, Noah, musical romantic fantasy Beauty and the Beast and Little Women.

Along with her acting, Emma Watson also continued her studies. She received her bachelor’s degree in English literature from Brown University in 2014.

Emma has received many awards to date. Such as the British Artist of the Year, Academy Award. And she was honored by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Best 52 Emma Watson Quotes On Feminism, Fear and Human Empowering 2 Best 52 Emma Watson Quotes On Feminism, Fear And Human Empowering

And also in 2014, Watson was appointed as the Women’s Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations.

Emma Watson is a spiritually universal person. Now she is single. But she is currently seen with Los Angeles businessman Leo Robinson. This shows that they are both in a relationship and are very serious.

One special thing about Emma Watson is that her IQ is very high, around 138. Because of this Watson’s name comes in the top 3% of most intelligent people in the world.

Emma Watson Quotes :

emma watson quotes
The less we reveal ourselves to others, the more people are a wonder.

I like men who have intelligence, can communicate well and have a great sense of humor. – Emma Watson

Life is a journey. And the sad part of this is that you can only learn from experience. – Emma Watson

If we all want to be independent then we need to stop defining each other. We should define ourselves and not others. – Emma Watson

I always give my 100 percent in whatever I do. And that’s my way of doing anything. – Emma Watson

Never try to look perfect. Because there is nothing interesting in it. And if you do, you will lose yourself. – Emma Watson

Change is mostly scary, but I am excited about the change. Because it enters a new chapter in my life. – Emma Watson

I never think about what people think of me. And we should not pay attention to what people expect from us. – Emma Watson

I try to avoid wearing black mostly because it is an easy option. And I don’t like easy things. – Emma Watson

Ignoring fame was a funny rebellion way to me. – Emma Watson

emma watson quotes
I read a lot of books. Because it can bring new ideas and expose it.

I would love to make a person who feels good in his body and loves him. – Emma Watson

I do not want talented people to decide what I do. I can decide by myself what I can do. – Emma Watson

Do not tell anyone what you can or want to achieve. Because if you could not do that then those people would make fun of you. – Emma Watson

It is most difficult to describe your own style. – Emma Watson Quotes

I just like doing anything because I feel alive in it. – Emma Watson

We can’t keep everyone happy. So I only follow my instinct. – Emma Watson

I feel nice when I sit with a book. – Emma Watson Quotes

If you are a perfectionist, then your bosses will definitely come in front of people. – Emma Watson

We should really enjoy good things because it keeps bad things away from us. – Emma Watson

emma watson quotes
I like simple things. Therefore, I have insisted on being normal and doing normal things.

Emma Watson Quotes on Feminism :

Those who are great are smart. So girls should never be afraid to be smart. – Emma Watson

A girl can do everything but today she makes herself down for a man. – Emma Watson

Never let your gender be insulted in front of you. – Emma Watson Quotes

We should empower women so that they can develop themselves. – Emma Watson

emma watson quotes on feminism
I want to be such a renaissance woman who can do everything she wants.

Emma Watson Quotes on Books :

Books are your true friends, which will empower you. – Emma Watson

Books are a means by which we can improve ourselves and the world around us. – Emma Watson

I love books that are lovely and have memories as well. – Emma Watson

Emma Watson Quotes on Love :

If you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love, then don’t consider yourself stupid. – Emma Watson

Love is more important and special than any valuable thing in the world. – Emma Watson

Emma Watson Quotes About Fear :

If you give your self-worth to strangers, then everything becomes scary for you. – Emma Watson

If you have overcome fear it does not mean that you will not be afraid of anything. – Emma Watson

We should not be afraid of failure. Because if you are afraid of failure, then this will stop you from doing what you really care about. – Emma Watson

Emma Watson Inspirational Quotes :

emma watson inspirational quotes
I am ready to speak against the world. I am ready to grow.

If someone tells you that you can’t do it then ask him why I can’t? – Emma Watson

We should make ourselves the most powerful selves. – Emma Watson

If you do wholeheartedly in what you believe in, amazing things can happen. – Emma Watson

Emma Watson Empowering Quotes :

emma watson empowering quotes
Both men and women will be empowered only if they are free to be sensitive.

We want to empower people to bring change in society. – Emma Watson

If you want to run for Prime Minister, you can. If you are not able to become it then it will be a wonderful experience for you. – Emma Watson

Love yourself. This will make you feel good and you will know how you really are. – Emma Watson

Follow your dreams because you just love these things. – Emma Watson

You should do what you want to do. With that, you can become what you want to be. – Emma Watson

If you want to learn something, then you have to go out and make your mistakes. – Emma Watson

Emma Watson Quotes on Fashion:

I love fashion. Because I can show myself in front of the world. – Emma Watson

I’m a multi-dimensional person and that’s the freedom of fashion. – Emma Watson

Emma Watson Quotes on Beauty :

emma watson quotes on beauty
Beauty is a line marked by time.

Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like, I promise. – Emma Watson

Beauty is letting yourself live. – Emma Watson Quotes

If we feel the beauty inside. Then that beauty is also visible outside ourselves. – Emma Watson

True beauty always comes from within. – Emma Watson Quotes

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