Darkness Quotes

Most people in the world are afraid of the darkness especially when they are alone. One research has shown that 11% of America’s population is afraid of darkness.

We are afraid of the dark because it is a little strange. When we are alone in the darkness, we feel that someone will come and harm us.

But we do not understand the darkness properly. The truth is that one meaning of darkness is peace and loneliness

Because when we sleep, we are with darkness. And then our body and our minds find peace. So we can also say that darkness gives us peace.

We cannot deny the darkness because darkness is an important part of our life like a light. Because if we get to live only in day time all year, then we will get upset.

Because if we stay in more light then we will not get peace and we will come into depression.

We will not be able to live at all. We all need the day as well as the night. So both are important.

Another meaning of darkness is sorrow, pain and loneliness. When someone gets away from us whom we love so much, then our colorful life becomes glassy and dark.

If I tell the truth, it is not so easy to understand the darkness. So let’s try to understand the mystery of darkness with some famous thinkers and philosophers’ quotes.

The Darkness Quotes :

Darkness Quotes
When we light a candle, we also cast a shadow. ― Darkness Quotes

Just as hate can be defeated only by love, similarly darkness can be defeated only by light. ― Martin Luther King Jr.

It is common for a child to be afraid of darkness, but the real tragedy of life occurs when men are afraid of the light. ― Plato

There is both darkness and light in life and we should choose these two equally. ― Bram Stoker

Once someone lovingly gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to realize that it was also a gift. ― Mary Oliver

Always dream if you want to work with grandeur. And remember that dreams can only be seen in the darkness. ― Jean Genet

Only those who are intelligent and lovely go in the dark. ― Edna St. Vincent Millay

I like both light and darkness because light shows me the way and darkness helps me see stars. ― Og Mandino

Sometimes we find others in the darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again. ― Stephen King

When you stay in the dark for a long time, the darkness starts staring at you. ― Darkness Quotes

Mostly I do not speak as I think but I feel that I should not do this and so it all goes on in the helpless darkness. ― Franz Kafka

Darkness Quotes
Time can take everything away from us whenever he wants. And in the end we only have darkness. ― Stephen King

We are incomplete without our shadow, so if you have to be perfect then you must also have a dark side. ― C.G. Jung

If you want to walk on the edge of light, then first you have to take your first step into the darkness of the unknown. ― Shaun Hick

Too much darkness can kill us, but too much light can blind us. ― Cassandra Clare

We can beat the darkness with love in heart. ― Pablo Neruda

When we numb the darkness, we can also numb the light along with it. ― Brené Brown

We feel that we are safe in light because the demons only come out at night. But this is not entirely correct. ― C.J. Roberts

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I need more of the night before I open eyes and heart to illumination. ― Denise Levertov

When you are in the dark, you can go anywhere with the wings of your dreams. ― Darkness Quotes

Try to find the darkness without being afraid of the darkness. ― Erin Morgenstern

Darkness does not leave us as easily as we expect. ― Margaret Stohl

Darkness Quotes
The strongest part of the tree lies in the dark places of the earth. So we can say that darkness can make you strong. ― George R.R. Martin

We are the ones whose broken world leads us to that light in the dark. ― L.R. Knost

There are few people in the world who can burn you just to see a light. ― Kamand Kojouri

If you want to fight evil then you have to understand the darkness. ― Darkness Quotes

Real things in the dark often don’t seem real compared to dreams. ― Murasaki Shikibu

We find darkness terrible and frightening, but I find it mysteriously beautiful. ― Stefan Zweig

Darkness will always try to extinguish light, but light will always win in it. ― Morgan Rhodes

The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm. ― Charles Caleb Colton

We like light but we cannot stay in light all the time. ― Libba Bray

I feel that there is not enough light in me to resist the darkness. ― Christopher Pike

We always feel fear in the dark. But when we face fear with light, you win. ― Steve Maraboli

Darkness Quotes
Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires. ― William Shakespeare

If you are living with anger, hatred and revenge darkness, then understand that no one can save you. ― Darkness Quotes

Remember that all great beginnings begin in the dark. ― Shannon L. Alder

When the sun of compassion rises, darkness escapes by itself. ― Amit Ray

A song and one’s smile is enough to distract anyone from all the darkness of life. ― Ransom Riggs

There were a billion lights out there on the horizon and I knew that all of them put together weren’t enough to light the darkness in the hearts of some men. ― Michael Connelly

There is a possibility of light in anything surrounded by darkness. ― Alan Brennert

If you want to live in the true dark forest of life, then you must have three qualities, one is the tendency to survive, the second is knowledge of navigation and the third is creative imagination. ― Darkness Quotes

You are not what you think. You are the darkness that is seeking its inner light. ― Dejan Stojanovic

We must bring our own light to the darkness. ― Charles Bukowski

The most precious light is that which is found in your darkness! ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Darkness Quotes
Love can turn the darkest storm into the brightest day. ― RJ Intindola

Without dialogue, this world is simply a universe of darkness. ― Erik Pevernagie

Only when you understand your dark side will you be able to move forward with light. ― Martin R. Lemieux

The sun never wants to keep the moon in the dark. ― Brian A. McBride

The light is not deep, but the darkness is very deep. That is why light has some limits but the darkness has no boundaries, it is uninterrupted.  ― Osho

Dark shadows require light but light does not need darkness to be bright. ― Gwen Hayes

Most of us are imprisoned by something. We remain in the dark until something comes out on the switch. ― Wynonna Judd

Life is not about removing darkness from light, rather it is about finding the light within the darkness. ― Landon Parham

In the dark we should walk with thoughts full of colors. ― Prajakta Mhadnak

The secret to being unafraid of the darkness is to challenge the darkness to fear you. ― Claire North

A star is brightest when darkness is at its peak. ― Louise Philippe

Darkness Quotes
Life is like coffee, the darker it gets, the more it energizes. ― Darkness Quotes

Hope is also not realistic like despair. It is still our choice whether to live in light or lie down in darkness. ― Rick Yancey

Darkness can exist by itself but light cannot. ― Darkness Quotes

Darkness produces goodness in all of us. Because darkness is not bad it keeps us in control. ― Dean Koontz

Darkness protects us as much as it frightens us. ― R. Scott Bakker

The possibilities are limited when we walk in the light of day. But in the dark everything is unlimited and the possibilities are limitless. ― Michael Grant

Illiteracy is the number one promoter of ignorance and darkness. ― Darkness Quotes

When you discover your true happiness, your soul will be more easily protected from all the darkness. ― Christine E. Szymanski

We must accept both the light and the darkness inside us. Because to reject one means to reject one’s own inner light or soul. ― Shunya

When you get caught in the middle of the darkness, then learn how to deal with the darkness from a blind man. ― Darkness Quotes

Sadness is not a linear side of darkness, but it walks in a circular path and finally gets to light. ― Shelby Forsythia

Darkness Quotes
Just like a one candle can define the darkness. In the same way, only one good thought in our life can end the darkness of our life. ― Anne Frank

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