Danny Duncan Quotes

Who Is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan is a famous American Youtuber, Social media personality, comedian, prankster and vlogger. His real name is Daniel Duncan born on July 27, 1992 in Englewood, Florida. He is very popular for his prank video.

Danny Duncan Education & Career:

Danny completed his studies at Lemon Bay High School in 2010. After school, he took training to become a professional skateboarder. Early in his career, Danny also worked at a local Walgreens store.

By 2014, he had become quite famous in the skating community. After some time he moved to Los Angeles, California.

Danny Duncan’s Career As a Youtuber:

Danny Duncan started his YouTube channel in March 2014. Initially, he created many videos with his YouTuber friends Chris Chann and Andrew Hales. Due to these collaborations, Danny quickly grew his YouTube channel. His video named Falling With 30,000 Pennies became quite popular and quickly gained 1 million views.

This video has been the most popular video of Danny Duncan to date with 38 million views. The number of subscribers of his channel in 2021 is around 6 million. Today Danny Duncan is one of the most successful YouTubers. He is 29 years old now and his net worth is around $7 million.

Next, let’s see some danny duncan quotes that will put a smile on your face as well as enlighten you.

Danny Duncan Quotes :

Danny Duncan Quotes

Adopting one child won’t change the world: but for that child, the world will change. Danny Duncan

Sometimes if they’re not gonna give you what you want, than you got to just leave cuz you can’t get ripped off guys, you can’t. – Danny Duncan

I got to get in shape, got to look like my boy Ryan Reynolds. – Danny Duncan

Quotes From Danny Duncan

I wanna live my life like I’m in GTA. Danny Duncan

If he hits you, you just take it.. You just take it, you can just yourself in the face alright.. You don’t feel sht, you don’t feel sht. – Danny Duncan

One day you’re gonna die, and then you’re gonna be like. You’re gonna be dead. – Danny Duncan

Quotes By Danny Duncan

When your life is hard and you feel like giving up. Just remember. There’s somebody out there that rides a scooter for a living. Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan Sayings

Some people call it luck, I call it dedication. Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan Quote

Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile. Danny Duncan

Sometimes the city likes to take advantage of you and charge you 50 dollars to park somewhere for an hour, that’s f*cked up. Feel free to take advantage of the system. Danny Duncan

Inspiring Danny Duncan Quotes

Work for yourself. You wanna start your own business. Danny Duncan

Inspirational Danny Duncan Quotes

I just like to laugh and have fun. Danny Duncan

Motivational Danny Duncan Quotes

Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today Face with tears of joy. Danny Duncan

Remember when I thought being called a youtuber sounded so whack … imagine being called a tiktoker. Danny Duncan

Best Danny Duncan Quotes

If you’re ever feeling down just remember you’re closer to being a millionaire than jeff bezos. Danny Duncan

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Funny Danny Duncan Quotes

Earth without art is just eh. Danny Duncan

Top Danny Duncan Quotes

You think you have to want more than you need. Until you have it all, you won’t be free. Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan Quotes About Money

Money in your palm doesn’t make you real. Danny Duncan

Imagine buying your dream car before a house. I’m not tryna talk shit but when the money stops you’re not gonna want to sleep in that car. Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan Quotes

One day we’ll all be dead and we’ll just be a memory. Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan Quotes About Friend

Good friends, good vibes. Danny Duncan