Cobra Kai Quotes

Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy. This is a memorable Cobra Kai Quotes that does not work at all in the race of life. Right?

I’m sure you’ll be a big fan of the Cobra Kai television series like me. The series is actually an upgraded sequel to The Karate Kid films. I think the biggest reason people like these two series is because of their unique storyline that directly targets the minds of teenagers and young adults.

So here we see some memorable Cobra Kai quotes that will help you understand life’s difficulties and give you new energy to fight against them. However, all the characters of Cobra Kai are fighting against the difficulties of their life as well as the evil inside them.

Cobra Kai’s main characters are Daniel Laruso and Johnny Lawrence, inspired by the 1984 film The Karate Kid. Which represents two different karate techniques. The series also has a bit of seriousness with the comedy.

Cobra Kai Logo

The story of this series is that there are some teenagers in high school who are bullied by some students so these teenagers learn cobra kai karate and take revenge on that bad students.

But then teenagers abuse the karate they have learned for self-defense because of their vanity. These teens have to pay a big price for this mistake. Their good relations are broken, many enemies are created and even their bodies are harmed.

In my opinion, The message of Cobra Kai is, Never to misuse your abilities and if you do you will have to face terrible consequences. You can never win by harming others. It is not always necessary to win but sometimes we can also win by losing.

Johnny Lawrence

Season 1 of Cobra kai was released on YouTube Red in 2018 and has had 4 seasons so far. But due to its growing popularity, the series was acquired by Netflix in 2020.

The series has received a 93% rating from the review aggregator site ‘Rotten Tomatoes’. Due to the tremendous attraction and love of the audience, Cobra Kai received “Outstanding Comedy Series” awards at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Tomato Award by Rotten Tomatoes and was also nominated for more than 20 awards.

I hope this series continues in the future and keeps us entertained. So without any other nonsense, let’s see some inspiring cobra kai quotes that I have collected from many websites.

Best Cobra Kai Quotes And Sayings :

Cobra Kai Quotes
There’s no honor in being merciless. — Miguel Diaz

We don’t take no for an answer. — Miguel Diaz

You just gotta feel the energy and just live in the moment, you know? — Hawk

Defeat does not exist. — Hawk

You have to strike first. You don’t wait for the enemy to attack. — Miguel Diaz

Best Cobra Kai Quotes
Never mind your past mistakes, don’t let them determine your future. — Carmen Diaz

I don’t trust anyone. I am using Cobra Kai to get what I want. — Robby Keene

I just don’t need to drink to pretend to be cool. — Robby Keene

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Everyone’s got a sob story, that doesn’t give you the right to be a bully. — Samantha LaRusso

It doesn’t matter which way you fight as long as it works. — Robby Keene

Cobra Kai Sayings
In life, we always lose our way. But it is people, not the signs, that guide us back to the right path. — Kumiko

At least I know who I am. You are still trying to be something you’re not. — Tory Nichols

Cobra Kai, it was never about revenge. It was about building strength by taking your fears and turning them into a weapon. That’s what we should be focused on. — Terry Silver

Defense takes on many forms. — Chozen

It’s not just a haircut or the back tattoo. It’s a way of life, man. You just gotta feel the energy and just live in the moment. — Hawk

Cobra Kai Inspirational Quotes :

Cobra Kai Inspirational Quotes
Balance is crucial. A man can’t stand, he can’t fight. — Terry Silver

Sometimes, when you focus on one thing, you lose focus of everything else that matters. — Amanda LaRusso

Put good out in the world and good will come back to you. — Kumiko

If you wanna be a champion, you need to dig out that fear and face it, whatever it is. Because if you don’t, it’s gonna hold you back forever. — Terry Silver

If your enemy insists on war, then you take away their ability to wage it. — Chozen

The only way to end a rivalry is for someone to rise above it. You have to be the bigger man. — Carmen Diaz

Cobra Kai Inspirational Quotes
We may have taken some losses. But it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish. — Robby Keene

Sometimes the scars you can’t see are the ones that hurt the most. — Samantha LaRusso

Instead of using your speed to run away from your enemies, use it to run at them. — Johnny Lawrence

Alone we are nothing, but if we work together, we have a shot. — Samantha LaRusso

No one can help you if you don’t let them. If you ask, you might be surprised. — Amanda LaRusso

Johnny Lawrence Quotes :

Johnny Lawrence Quotes
If you’re not strong on the inside, then you can’t be strong on the outside. — Johnny Lawrence

If I’m extra hard on you, it’s because you have the ability to be better than me. — Johnny Lawrence

It doesn’t matter if you’re a loser, a nerd, or a freak, The only thing that matters is that you become badass. — Johnny Lawrence

The best defense is more offense. — Johnny Lawrence

Just because you live in a nice house doesn’t mean nice things are going on inside. — Johnny Lawrence

Sticking around being a bully isn’t much better than leaving. — Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence Quotes
You can do whatever you want if you want it bad enough. — Johnny Lawrence

One lucky kick doesn’t make you the better fighter. — Johnny Lawrence

There’s only one reason to hit someone. To inflict pain. Striking hard is about giving your all. — Johnny Lawrence

Somebody always wins. That’s how fights work. — Johnny Lawrence

A true champion never stops training. You gotta keep moving forward, or else you could get stuck exactly where you are. — Johnny Lawrence

You want a fair fight? Dream on. You can’t always think your enemies are gonna play by the rules. — Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence Quotes
There’s nothing to fear except for fear itself. — Johnny Lawrence

In the real world, you can’t expect people to do what they’re supposed to do. — Johnny Lawrence

I may not always win, but I never back out of a fight. — Johnny Lawrence

Life shows no mercy so neither do we. We do whatever it takes to keep our heads above water. We do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. We do whatever it takes to win. Remember who you are. You’re badass. You don’t give a shit. You kick ass. You’re Cobra Kai. — Johnny Lawrence

You wanna learn how to kick ass? First you gotta learn how to kick. — Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence Quotes
Eagles don’t get shit on. They’re the ones that do the shitting. — Johnny Lawrence

Back in my day if we want to tease someone, we do it to their face. — Johnny Lawrence

You want something, you’ll have to crawl across the floor, use your damn teeth if you have to. — Johnny Lawrence

Don’t forget, being a badass doesn’t mean be an asshole. — Johnny Lawrence

You wake up one morning feeling great and then life throws a spinning heel kick to your balls and takes a big steaming shit in your mouth… That’s how it goes. — Johnny Lawrence

Build strength. Learn discipline. When the time is right, strike back. — Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence Quotes
The older you get the more you’re going to learn that life isn’t fair. — Johnny Lawrence

Never say “can’t.” Those are just words, they’re meaningless, It’s time to get out of bed and do something. — Johnny Lawrence

What, do you want those kids at school to keep dumping shit on your head?  Coz you can stop your training right now, and you can walk outside and let the whole world know you’re a loser. — Johnny Lawrence

Look your enemy in the eyes and punch him in the face! — Johnny Lawrence

I’m not just gonna teach you how to conquer your fears. I’m going to teach you how to awaken the snake within you. And once you do that, you’ll be the ones who’s feared. — Johnny Lawrence

Daniel LaRusso Quotes :

Daniel LaRusso Quotes
When negative feelings overwhelm you, look for the good within yourself. — Daniel LaRusso

If you have hate in your heart, then you have already lost. — Daniel LaRusso

You do the right thing cause it’s the right thing to do. — Daniel LaRusso

it may not seem brave, but sometimes, avoiding conflict is one of the most heroic things you can do. — Daniel LaRusso

It’s never easy being the bigger person. — Daniel LaRusso

Karate isn’t all punching and kicking. It’s actually more about balance. — Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso Quotes
Never put passion in front of principle. Because even if you win, you lose. — Daniel LaRusso

You are the only one who can get up when you are down. — Daniel LaRusso

I still live with the fear. We all do on some level. I just try to not let it ever win. — Daniel LaRusso

When the fight comes to you, you have to be ready to fight back. — Daniel LaRusso

You may know the moves, but none of that matters unless you have balance. — Daniel LaRusso

It’s a lot easier to knock something down than it is to lift it up. — Daniel LaRusso

John Kreese Quotes :

John Kreese Quotes
Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes the world can be cruel. That’s why you have to learn to be cruel yourselves. — John Kreese

A true Cobra feels no sympathy for its meals. — John Kreese

If you wanna make them tough, you gotta give them something to be afraid of. — John Kreese

The fight is only over when you say it is. — John Kreese

There’s still time to finish what we started. The choice is yours. — John Kreese

John Kreese Quotes
Karate is not a phase, it’s a way of life. You can leave it for a while, but it never leaves you. — John Kreese

When something bad happens, you have two choices. You let it tear you down or you let it build you up. Sometimes a step backwards opens a new path forward. — John Kreese

If your mind is agile, so are you. — John Kreese

We don’t have the luxury of forgetting. We should remember what happens to soldiers who don’t follow their leader. — John Kreese

We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition. — John Kreese

John Kreese Quotes
There is no good, there is no bad. Only weak and strong. — John Kreese

If you win, you don’t just get a trophy. You get the glory. And you get to know forever that you are a champion. — John Kreese

War never ends. Peace is just the lull between battles. — John Kreese

You know, in the real world, we have to fight our own battles. Cobra Kai can teach you how. But you have to prove that you’re worthy. — John Kreese

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Johnny Lawrence Funny Quotes :

Johnny Lawrence Funny Quotes
Word of advice, if you got shit for teeth, don’t smile. — Johnny Lawrence

I knew she was smart but I figured she was hot enough to avoid work. — Johnny Lawrence

When I look around this dojo I don’t see Cobra Kai material. I see losers, I see nerds, I see a fat kid with a funny hat and his tits popping out. — Johnny Lawrence

God, just looking at you makes me feel like a virgin. — Johnny Lawrence

You should all be proud of yourselves. I know I’m proud. Your parents would be proud too, If you told them what we did here today… Which we won’t! — Johnny Lawrence

It’s an alpha move man. Babes love it when you treat them like crap. — Johnny Lawrence

Cobra Kai Slogans :

Cobra Kai Slogan
Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy. — Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai never dies.

Fear does not exist in this dojo. Pain does not exist in this dojo. Defeat does not exist in this dojo.

A true Cobra feels no sympathy for its meals.