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Chesty Puller is the most decorated Marine in history who played an essential part in the dreaded wars like World War II and the Korean War. Also, he is the only Marine who has got five Navy Crosses.

He always talked about the exploits and sacrifices of Marines. That’s why in this post you will also get to see some chesty puller quotes about patriotism, war and marines.

Chesty Puller’s real name was Lewis Burwell Puller and he was born in West Point, Virginia. His father died when he was 10 years old. World War was going on in his time, so he grew up listening to war stories.

He had a desire to die for the country since childhood. So he joined the Virginia Military Institute and inspired by the 5th Marines at Belleau Wood, joined the United States Marine Corps.

He fought his first battle in Guerrilla warfare. Then later performed his duty as a senior officer in World War II and the Korean War.

He retired in 1955 after serving the country for 37 years, by which time he had reached the rank of Lieutenant General. After retirement, he remained in Virginia and died in 1971 at the age of 73.

Chesty Puller was one of the most memorable and well-disciplined lieutenants in American history. Two quotes are still famous in the U.S. Marine Corps, one “Chesty Puller never quit!” and the second “Chesty Puller was a good Marine and a good Marine was he.” A section of Virginia Highway 33 has been named the Lewis B. Puller Memorial Highway in his memory.

Chesty Puller Quotes :

chesty puller quotes
You don’t hurt ’em if you don’t hit ’em. — Chesty Puller

Don’t forget that you’re First Marines! Not all the Communists in hell can overrun you! — Chesty Puller

Hit hard, hit fast, hit often. — Chesty Puller

We make generals today on the basis of their ability to write a damned letter. Those kinds of men can’t get us ready for war. — Chesty Puller

quotes by chesty puller
Pain is weakness leaving the body. — Chesty Puller

I’ve always believed that no officer’s life, regardless of rank, is of such great value to his country that he should seek safety in the rear…officers should be forward with their men at the point of impact. — Chesty Puller

Old Breed? New Breed? There’s not a damn bit of difference as long as it’s the Marine breed. — Chesty Puller

All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time. — Chesty Puller

famous chesty puller quotes
Paperwork will ruin any military force. — Chesty Puller

We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now. We’ve finally found him. We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem. — Chesty Puller

The mail service has been excellent out here, and in my opinion this is all that the Air Force has accomplished during the war. — Chesty Puller

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I’ll take care of my men first. Frozen troops can’t fight. If we run out of ammunition, we’ll go to the bayonet. — Chesty Puller

inspirational chesty puller quotes
Our country won’t go on forever if we stay soft as we are now. — Chesty Puller

Those days in the woods saved my life many a time in combat. — Chesty Puller

If you want to get the most out of your men, give them a break! Don’t make them work completely in the dark. If you do, they won’t do a bit more than they have to. But if they comprehend, they’ll work like mad. — Chesty Puller

Take me to the Brig. I want to see the “real Marines.” — Chesty Puller

chesty puller quotes sayings
You can’t do that anymore than you get into a barroom fight without getting hurt… — Chesty Puller

I want to go where the guns are. — Chesty Puller

If we are going to win the next war, in my opinion, 50 percent of the time of training should be allotted to night training. — Chesty Puller

A marine with cold hands and warm pockets is a fool. — Chesty Puller

We make generals today on the basis of their ability to write a damned letter. Those kinds of men can’t get us ready for war. — Chesty Puller