ChatGPT Vs Google Search

Within a few months, we will be using AI chatbots like ChatGPT on a large scale. Which will bring huge changes in people’s search inputs. Everyone thinks that it will kill the Google search engine. But the reality is, search engines and AI are very different. Let’s find out how.

But first, lets some know some amazing facts about ChatGPT.

ChatGPT: A Leopard

Yes, you are reading right. I call ChatGPT a leopard because its growth is something like that. ChatGPT was launched on November 30, 2022 and gained 100 million users in just 3 months. No product has seen such rapid growth before. However, there are many reasons behind this, such as…

  • People’s curiosity towards AI technology
  • Increasing use of the internet and social media
  • Usability and Simplicity of ChatGPT
  • Free Access
  • A real human-like interaction

These were the reasons which are responsible for its rocket growth. So next, let’s know what is the difference between ChatGPT and Google Search.

ChatGPT Vs Google Search

AI Tools like ChatGPT are for getting information through conversation while the Google search engine is built to provide real-time, local, and research data. So it is impossible to destroy the existence of search engines completely.

However, people can get addicted to it due to its accurate human-like responses & solutions. I asked the same question to chatGPT “Can chatGPT replace google search?”, See its response:

ChatGPT Response
ChatGPT Response

What Are The Limitations Of ChatGPT?

  • Generate results based on training data
  • Limited Understanding of the physical world
  • Inherit biases
  • Lack of common sense
  • Real-time data access

See the example:

ChatGPT Response
ChatGPT Response

How AI ChatBots Improve Google Search?

  • Help to deliver more accurate and efficient results to users
  • Create a more natural and conversational approach to the search
  • Play a key role in voice search
  • Provide more personalized results with accuracy
  • Can save time & improve the productivity of searchers

How Google Search Is a Good Option Than AI Chat Bots Like ChatGPT?

As we have seen before, it is a bit difficult to crack information outside of the model ChatGPT works with. However, it may become smarter in the future. But it has some major flaws that hold it back from a human. Such as..

  • Inability to understand emotions
  • It has creativity but no imagination
  • It has no point of view of its own
  • It is fast in research but not accurate
  • No practical knowledge

Google Search eliminates all these problems. Let’s find out how.

  • There is no limitation in results, billions of solutions are available just by searching.
  • The results in Google are written by humans after research and with their own feelings and thoughts. You will find new styles and creativity in every result.
  • A practical and post-consumer review of any product or service has been found.
  • Google search also provides visual solutions like videos and images that help you find the answer to the problem more easily.

Research Saw That…

Surge AI“, a San Francisco-based company working on human-AI algorithms and data, conducted research. In it, they asked 500 different types of questions to both ChatGPT and Google Search and found out the accuracy of the answers.

The result was that, in 100 coding-specific queries, chatGPT gave 70% more satisfactory answers than Google. But on the other hand, in other types of questions, chatGPT was as good as Google but in some cases, it was worse.

Hence, it can be understood that chatGPT’s answers are better for static problems, not for dynamic ones. See full research here.

What’s The Conclusion?

Both ChatGPT and Google Search are solutions to opposite problems. However, it may take away some of Google’s market share. But its complete end is impossible. ChatGPT can prove to be very useful as a personal assistant that will provide instant solutions to specific problems.

But if you are looking to find solutions for something new and real-life problems, then Google search is the right option. However, this can increase the difficulty for creators, as they now have to provide content with well-researched data that ChatGPT cannot provide. Only then, they keep themselves safe in the future.