Beth Dutton Quotes

Beth Dutton is a famous personality from the western TV series “Yellowstone” that was played by English actress Kelly Reilly.

Beth Dutton’s character has won the audience’s hearts with her Intricacy and brilliance. She is also considered one of the most badass, abusive and quickly whipped, so she bravely faces every mess that happens to her. Beth was always ready to fight for what she believed in.

But Beth Dutton also made some wrong and tough decisions in life which led to bad consequences for her. She says…

inspirational beth dutton quotes

“I made two decisions in my life based on fear, and they cost me everything.” — Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton’s bold personality stems from her tragic past in which she faced things like sterilization, sexual assault and threats as a teenager. She has developed her distinctive and influential personality by rejecting the dictates of society. Because she believes…

“The more you become what he wanted you to become, the more he’ll hate you for it.”

Beth Dutton

She is also a shrewd and intelligent woman who knows how to put her point across effectively at the right time. You can understand this quality through her following quote.

Best Beth Dutton Quotes

“Say it when it matters.” — Beth Dutton

There are some people who only see bad habits and demerits in others and scold them. But Beth Dutton has a different opinion. She finds the good things in even crooks and tries to develop them in himself. This shows her unprejudiced and neutral nature which helps Beth Dutton to always stay positive and make more accurate decisions. She says….

“I see things in people, and I feel like if I can touch it, even if the rest of the person is rotten, I can take that good thing and I can make it part of me.”

Beth Dutton

Do you want to know or understand the psychology of Beth Dutton more deeply? So keep scrolling down. Below I listed some Beth Dutton quotes that you should definitely check out.

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Other Famous Beth Dutton Quotes :

Famous Beth Dutton Quotes

“Don’t judge us for the way we protect the thing we’re giving you.” — Beth Dutton

“I think heaven’s right here. So’s hell. One person can be walking the clouds right next to someone enduring eternal damnation. And God is the land.” Beth Dutton

“Loyalty, morality, not part of the equation for you.” Beth Dutton

“I believe in lovin’ with your whole soul and destroying anything that wants to kill what you love” Beth Dutton

“When I break you, I want to know I’m breaking generations.” Beth Dutton

“Every so often, you say something that makes me think you’re smart. And then I look at you, and that thought fades.” Beth Dutton

“That’s interesting. When I’m here, I understand me less.” Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton

“You are the trailer park. I am the tornado.” Beth Dutton

“It’s only the things I love that die, Rip, never me… Come to think of it, I’m surprised you’re still standing.” Beth Dutton

“I am chopping your family tree down.” Beth Dutton

“I see things in people, and I feel like if I can touch it, even if the rest of the person is rotten, I can take that good thing and I can make it part of me.” Beth Dutton

“No one wants to merge with you. You have a three-to-one debt ratio. It’d be easier to sell VCRs.” Beth Dutton

“For someone with no spine, you’ve sure got a lot of balls.” Beth Dutton

“The sting never fades with me. It is a painful lesson and one you’re about to learn.” Beth Dutton

beth dutton sayings

“You are many things, but funny is not one of them. Sorry.” — Beth Dutton

“Money is my new drug.” Beth Dutton

“I don’t believe you’re capable of swallowing your pride and contributing to this family. I don’t believe our father will ever trust you again, which is why I don’t believe you have a role here anymore.” Beth Dutton

“You’re hunting. That’s why you’re sitting in a bar instead of standing in a river.” Beth Dutton

“I know that now, and now is all that matters.” Beth Dutton

“I love how people think that word entitles them to absolution from the people whose lives they ruin. We owe you nothing.” Beth Dutton

“I always remembered your dick being bigger.” Beth Dutton

“I don’t speak dipshit.” Beth Dutton

“Don’t say it. It doesn’t mean anything on a roof, under stars, like a bunch of f*cking hippies. You tell me… Tell me when it saves me.” Beth Dutton

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