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Today we are going to talk about an American polymath Benjamin Franklin quotes with images. Which is also considered the founder of the United States. Apart from that, he is also a scientist who has given new theories about electricity.

Who Is Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin house
Benjamin Franklin Birthplace sketch

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 Milk Street Massachusetts, Boston. He is also known as Ben Franklin. He was a leading American writer, political philosopher, politician, scientist, comedian and civic activist.

His father’s name was Josiah Franklin who was a soap and candlemaker. Also, he was a rebel destined to change colonial America. And his mother’s name was Abiah Folger, the 6th President of Pennsylvania.

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Benjamin Franklin Life :

Ben completed his primary study at Boston Latin School. After completing his schooling, he worked with his father for a few years. He then learned the printing trade at the age of 12 from his brother James. And at the age of 15, he founded Courtant, the first independent newspaper in New England.

When he published the letters of “Silence Dog”, a middle-aged widow in his newspaper, he became the subject of conversation across the city. Franklin used to do free speech since his young age.

At the age of 17, he moved to Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Where he worked as a typist in a printer shop. He then moved back to Philadelphia in 1726. Where he started working as an accountant.

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin at work on a printing press

In 1728, when Benjamin Franklin was 21 years old, Franklin returned to his former business. he decided to build a membership library. And in 1731 he founded the Library Company in Philadelphia. And he, along with Hugh Meredith, founded the printing house. 

In a short time, his newspaper became the platform for various local reforms and movements. He invented the first newspaper series. In addition, Benjamin Franklin was also a scientist.

He has made considerable modifications in the history of American Enlightenment and Physics. In addition to this, he has researched tube light, bifocals and Franklin stoves.

He has established several civic organizations such as fire departments and universities. He has received the title of “The First American” for his campaign for colonial unity. In addition to all this, Franklin was also a writer and spokesperson.

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin in 1767

He has first served as an ambassador to the United States. He is known as the most skilled American. After 1753, he established the country’s first national communication network. He became the first postmaster general of America.

But along with that, he was also active in the national and international affairs of the country. From 1785 to 1788 Franklin was appointed Governor of Pennsylvania. Today his life is a legacy of scientific and political achievement.

Benjamin Franklin Death :

Franklin suffered from obesity when he was in middle age. His obesity caused him many health problems. His health worsened when the US Constitution was signed in 1787. Since then, he stopped going to public places.

Benjamin Franklin's grave
Benjamin Franklin’s grave

In 1790 when Benjamin Franklin was at his home in Philadelphia. Then at about eleven o’clock, the pleuritic attack occurred. And Franklin died at the age of 84. His funeral was at Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia. Which was attended by around 20,000 people.

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His death is fully described in The Life of Benjamin Franklin Book. We learned about his life in short quite well in this post. So, in the end, let’s see some amazing Benjamin Franklin Quotes with images.

Benjamin Franklin Quotes :

benjamin franklin quotes on education

A learned fool is a bigger fool than an ignorant one.

benjamin franklin quotes

Anything between three people can be secret only if two of them are dead.

benjamin franklin quotes

Being ignorant is not a shame, rather it is a shame to have a reluctance to learn.

benjamin franklin quotes

He who knows to be patient can do anything.

Eating to live is fine, but living to eat is a stupid thing.

Remember that a great talker can never be a fool.

Never lie to your doctor and your lawyer.

If you want to live comfortably, then do what you ought and not what you want.

Life is like a drama that we must conduct with regularity.

benjamin franklin quotes

Do not hide your inner genius because they are made for use.

benjamin franklin quotes on education

You should write something worth reading once in life. And if you can’t do it, do something worth writing.

benjamin franklin quotes

Fear of being sick only when you need fear.

benjamin franklin quotes

We should not be afraid to die because after we die we will be immortal.

Every man should learn the art of obtaining wealth.

Not all men have the same ability to get money, but every man can get this ability by learning.

It is not a shame to be poor, but everyone has to be ashamed of it.

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Trick and betrayal is a habit of fools, as they do not have enough brains to achieve honesty.

The power to give our opinion is not our own, because it comes only when such a situation comes before us.

benjamin franklin quotes

I did not fail the test because I did 100 ways of research which is wrong.

benjamin franklin quotes

Those who can give up the freedoms necessary for temporary security are those who do not deserve freedom and security.

By reading we can become a complete man.

If we learn to meditate, then it makes us a deep and clear man.

Work as if you are going to live a hundred years and pray as if you are going to die tomorrow.

You will get the highest interest by investing in knowledge.

Today is equal to our two tomorrow.

benjamin franklin quotes

If a bad man gets rid of a vicious habit every year, then that bad man of time will become the best man.

benjamin franklin quotes

Saving a penny is like earning a penny.

benjamin franklin quotes

All of us are ignorant, but we have to work hard to be foolish.

When we wake up in the morning, we are most refreshed.

We need a revolution every 200 years because by then all governments become stale and corrupt.

The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness.

If we are safe but not independent, then it is nothing less than a prison.

Relaxation and fasting is the best medicine in the world.

Many die from within only in twenty-five years and are buried in seventy-five.

benjamin franklin quotes

It is stupid to apologize after making excuses.

benjamin franklin quotes on education

If you are failing to prepare then you are preparing to fail.

benjamin franklin quotes on education

If we are involved in something, then only we can learn something new.

benjamin franklin quotes

Well done is better than well said.

benjamin franklin quotes

Just as a new truth is a truth, an old error is an error.

benjamin franklin quotes

Sometimes it happens that we are neither very sick nor well.

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