bad boys quotes

In this post, we are going to see an American action comedy film series Bad Boys Quotes. And apart from this, we talk about some of the facts of this film.

About Bad Boys Movie :

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This is a total of three parts of the film. The film was first released in 1995. The film was directed by Michael Bay. And its producers were Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.

The film has two characters, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey. This is both a detective. Who catch people who find and manipulate drugs. The character was played by Martin Laurence and Will Smith.

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The film also has two parts. Which is Bad Boys II and Bad Boys for Life. This film was a huge success. The film grossed about 141,407,024 dollars worldwide. Apart from this first part, the second and third parts have also been very successful.

Bad Boys II grossed 273 million dollars worldwide and the film Bad Boys for Life in 2020 has grossed 424 million dollars worldwide. Because of this, the film has become the second highest-grossing film of 2020.

Bad Boys Quotes :

bad boys quotes
Mike Lowrey: You run much slower than you know Miss Daisy should run.

Mike Lowrey: Tell the truth.

Captain Howard: There is no greater sorrow for old people than in the past.

Mike Lowrey: I think there is nothing more difficult than love.

Mike Lowrey: We have such a mantra that we can see each other even in our darkest days.

Mike Lowrey: We will live together and die together.

Marcus Burnett: Remember that you are a human being just like everyone else.

Marcus Burnett: If you are going for vengeance it means you are going to kill someone.

Marcus Burnett: You should start thinking about your karma.

bad boys quotes
Mike Lowrey: You run much slower than you know Miss Daisy should run.

Marcus Burnett: Do not insult anyone, because you do not know them fully.

Rita: If you indulge in a bad deed, you are going to make mistakes that you cannot take back.

Captain Howard: You must take control of your life.

Marcus Burnett: Sometimes you also have to pay for the right one.

Marcus Burnett: There is no place of “I” in “Team”.

Marcus Burnett: Do not do it if you take long to learn something.

Marcus Burnett: I make a promise to God that if you make others, then I will not commit further violence.

Mike Lowrey: I do not believe in hell.

Mike Lowrey: I cannot promise you that everything will be good in the future.

bad boys quotes
Marcus Burnett: When I look into the eyes of a small child, I feel that I can see that little child growing up.

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