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Anthony Bourdain is an American celebrity chef and Television personality. Who has acted in programs exploring the international culture and the human condition.

And he is also known for his best selling book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. So let’s know a few things about them and see some Anthony Bourdain quotes with images.

Who Is Anthony Bourdain?

young anthony bourdain
Anthony Bourdain’s Childhood Photo (Image By :

Anthony Bourdain’s full name is Anthony Michael Bourdain. He is a famous American celebrity chef, writer and Television personality. He has been a veteran of professional kitchens for a long time. And also done many television cook shows.

About Anthony Bourdain’s Life :

Anthony Bourdain was born on June 25, 1956 in New York, the largest city in America. His parents were from different religions. His father Pierre Bourdain was a Catholic. And his mother Gladys Bourdain was Jewish.

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Anthony’s father was associated with the classical-music recording industry. And his mother was a writer and editor. 

Brenden’s love of food was reflected in his young age. He graduated from Dwight-Englewood School and went on to college-preparatory day school. Then enrolled in Vassar College but he could not study further. So he started working in restores.

young anthony bourdain
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During this time, he decided to pursue his career in this direction. So Borden went to the Culinary Institute of America. After graduation, he worked as a chef in several restaurants in New York.

And in 1998, he became an executive chef at a very famous restaurant Brassden Brasserie Les Halles. He then wrote one of his books Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly in 2000. Which became a bestselling book in a few days. He then started a food and world-travel television show “A Cook”.

anthony bourdain
Anthony Bourdain with his Peabody Award in 2014

Which ran in 35 episodes on Food Network. After the show, he participated in three more shows. That was Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, The Layover and The Taste.

How Did Anthony Bourdain Die?

In 2018, Anthony was working on episodes of “Parts Unknown in Strasbourg”. On 8 June, after dinner in Le Chambers of Cassersburg. He goes to sleep in the hotel room.

And the next day, he was found hanging in the room and in dead condition. He committed suicide. At that time he was 61 years old. In the end, let’s see some Anthony Bourdain quotes with images.

Anthony Bourdain Quotes :

anthony bourdain quotes
Try to be happy with what you see and do.

“Luck has no business model.” – Anthony Bourdain

“There is no final resting place of the mind in our life.” – Anthony Bourdain

“If you want to live well then you should not be afraid to look like an idiot.” – Anthony Bourdain

“It doesn’t matter if we know something, we have to apply it.” – Anthony Bourdain

anthony bourdain quotes
You should also do some work for the conscience.

“Willing is not enough, we have to do something to get it.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Everything we want to do in life must be tried once.” – Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain Quotes About Food :

anthony bourdain quotes about food
What we are today is due to food.

“The way you cook reveals your character.” – Anthony Bourdain

“What can you do better than making breakfast for someone?” – Anthony Bourdain

“Food has a very powerful role in our lives.” – Anthony Bourdain

“We can feed ourselves with basic cooking skills.” – Anthony Bourdain

anthony bourdain quotes about food
When you dine with someone you learn a lot about him.

“I have noticed that most people are proud of their food.” – Anthony Bourdain

“For me, cooking has been a long love affair.” – Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain Quotes About Life :

“Our body is like an amusement park. So we should enjoy it.” – Anthony Bourdain

“We should believe in ourselves the most.” – Anthony Bourdain

anthony bourdain quotes about life
One can be taught skills but a character cannot be taught.

“We should not believe in anyone or anyone’s thoughts without thinking.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Without new ideas, our success can be stale.” – Anthony Bourdain

“If you make a small mistake, admit it and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.” – Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain Quotes About Travel :

anthony bourdain quotes about travel
Just one trip can change you completely.

“Our journey is unknown and that is why it looks beautiful.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Life and travel both these things leave some mark on us.” – Anthony Bourdain

“I recommend that if you are 22 years old and have the curiosity to learn something new then you should travel.” – Anthony Bourdain

“With traveling you can learn a lot from other cultures and people.” – Anthony Bourdain

anthony bourdain quotes about travel
As you progress in this life and journey, you continue to learn more things.

“Try to learn something from wherever you travel.” – Anthony Bourdain

“You leave behind something good with the journey.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Travel is also part of our life and experience.” – Anthony Bourdain

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