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Alexander Hamilton was an American politician, legal scholar and economist. He is considered one of the great founders of America. He was the founder of America’s first two central banks.

Alexander was an influential promoter of the US Constitution. So let’s know some more things about them. And finally, see Alexander Hamilton quotes with images.

Who Is Alexander Hamilton?

Alexander Hamilton’s full name is Alexander James Hamilton. He was an American politician, legal scholar, military commander, banker and lawyer. He was born on January 11, 1755 in Charlestown, British Leeward Islands. Although his year of birth is not sure.

Alexander Hamilton Birthplace
Alexander Hamilton Birthplace

Alexander’s father’s name was James A. Hamilton, an American soldier. And his mother’s name was Rachel Faucette Buck.

About Alexander Hamilton’s Life :

Despite being his parents, he had to spend his life as an orphan. Because his mother sent him to America for his good education. He was adopted by a prosperous merchant. He studied at King’s College in New York. which is now known as Columbia University.

Young alexander hamilton
Young Alexander Hamilton

When the Revolutionary War began in America. Alexander played an early role in the militia. As soon as the war ended, he became the representative of the Congress of New York.

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But in a few months, he resigned from the party to study his law. After finishing his study he founded the Bank of New York. Which gave him a chance to enter politics. Then he led the Annapolis Conference of 1786 and wrote 51 of the 85 installments of The Federalist Papers.

Then alexander worked as a trusted member in the Treasury Department of President Washington. And also create America’s first government-backed bank. From 1798–1799 he held the post of commanding general of the US Army.

Alexander Hamilton portrait in 1806
Alexander Hamilton portrait in 1806

Apart from all this, he established the financial system of the nation and the United States Coast Guard. Which has greatly helped the nation. Alexander was involved in politics until his last time.

Alexander Hamilton has done a lot for America’s progress. Today he is known as a smart financier and a brilliant politician. The impact of his ideas is still seen in the American government and finance.

How Did Alexander Hamilton Die?

In the 1800 election, Alexander backed Adams and defeated Burr of the Federalist Party. Then in 1804, when Burr wanted to become governor of New York State, Hamilton disqualified him. 

Drawing of the Burr–Hamilton duel
Drawing of the Burr–Hamilton duel

Then burr challenged Alexander to a duel. In that duel Burr defeated Alexander. Burr shoots and injures Hamilton. Due to which he was paralyzed. And he died 31 hours later at the age of 47 or 49.

Famous Alexander Hamilton Quotes :

famous alexander hamilton quotes
You cannot expect perfect work from an imperfect man.

“More than hard work, our perseverance works everywhere.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Our experience is the metaphor of truth.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Things that we cannot avoid should be avoided first.” – Alexander Hamilton

“We should always keep in mind whether we are honoring the nation or not.” – Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton quotes
If you stand without any desire, you can never get anything.

“We should develop the art of reading in our lives.” – Alexander Hamilton

“If a man was good, he would not need any government.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Caution against error is an essential shield.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Sometimes a moment turns into a movement.” – Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton quotes
Human passion cannot be justified without reason.

Alexander Hamilton Quotes On War :

“He who gives exercise to his body can give courage, enterprise and freedom to his mind.” – Alexander Hamilton

“War increases the cost of our legal authority.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Once the war starts, there is no limit to the passion of the moderation of men.” – Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton quotes on war
Only a strong body can make a strong mind.

“Protection from external danger can make our nation powerful.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Tolerance skills are most important in military movements.” – Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton quotes on war
If you are not afraid of making the same mistake twice, then you deserve to be successful.

Alexander Hamilton Quotes On Government :

alexander hamilton quotes on government
Real freedom can never happen in a pessimistic democracy.

“A firm government is necessary to protect freedom.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Hypocrisy can never be cured by persecution.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Only a liberal government can give real freedom to democracy.” – Alexander Hamilton

“If a government is constantly being questioned, then it cannot be anything other than temporary expedient, fickleness and stupidity in the government.” – Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton quotes on government
If we give all the power to many, then they will be able to oppress only a few people.

“We must have the power to respect our rights of neutrality.” – Alexander Hamilton Quotes

“The government should have the power to make and handle laws.” – Alexander Hamilton Quotes

“The government is mainly of two types: one is the government of force, and the other the government of laws.” – Alexander Hamilton Quotes

“If we give all the power to some, then they will be able to oppress many people.” – Alexander Hamilton Quotes

alexander hamilton quotes on government
A powerful ally may have another name as a master.

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