Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Today we are going to see the 16th President of America, Abraham Lincoln quotes. Who played a role of importance during the American Civil War. And he has done a successful job in modernizing the American economy.

Today Lincoln is known as America’s hero and his name as the greatest American president in history. So let’s know some things about them.

Who Is Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was 16th President of America. He was born in 1809 in Kentucky, U.S. His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln, a farmer and carpenter. And his mother’s name was Nancy Lincoln.

His mother Nancy Lincoln died when Abraham was 9 years old. His father then married Sarah Bush Johnson, a widow from Kentucky. He became very close to his stepmother.

Abraham Lincoln Life :

abraham lincoln house
Log Cabin at the Lincoln Living Historical Farm

Lincoln did not like hard labor from childhood. But he was very interested in studies. He was always engaged in reading and writing poetry.

Lincoln went to school for less than 12 months. Lincoln loved self-learning more. As a teenager, Lincoln helped his father greatly.

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Lincoln was tall, strong and quite powerful. He defeated the famous leader of the ruffians known as “The Cleary’s Grove Boys” in wrestling. After that, he had gained considerable prestige.

In 1830, there was an outbreak of milk sickness. Fearing this, his family settled in Macon County, west of Illinois. During that time Abraham became increasingly distant from his father Thomas. He moved to New Salem, Illinois for six years with some of his friends.

Abraham Lincoln Career :

In 1832, Lincoln opened a general store on credit in New Salem. But due to the deteriorating economy, his business did not run. He then enter in politics. But due to his formal education, lack of powerful friends and lack of money, he lost the election.

Lincoln then worked as postmaster of New Salem and later as county surveyor. Along with that, he decided to become a lawyer. For that, he started studying along with work.

abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln in 1858

After the railroads arrived after 1850, Lincoln served as a lobbyist on the Illinois Central Railroad. He was then hired as a regular advocate for the railroad. And then handled cases for several insurance companies and business-building firms as a lawyer.

He continued his legal career for 20 years. During that time Lincoln became one of Illinois’ most distinguished and successful lawyers. He was known for his cleverness, practical common sense and honesty. He then started his political career.

abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln in November 1863

Due to his very good identity, he gradually started to predominate in national politics. Then in 1861, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States. And in 1863 he declared the freeing of slaves forever.

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Abraham Lincoln Death :

On April 11, 1865, Lincoln gave a speech in which he promoted the right to vote for blacks. In that speech, a famous actor named John Wilkes Booth and a Confederate detective from Maryland joined the speech with the intention of killing the president.

abraham lincoln death

Booth entered the back of Lincoln’s theater box and shot him in the back of the head. Lincoln was then taken to Peterson House. Where he remained in a coma for eight hours. And he died on April 15, 1865, at the age of 56.

Two weeks after that, Booth was found on a farm in Virginia. Where he refused to surrender. So he was killed by Sergeant Boston Corbett.

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In the end let;s see some amazing Abraham Lincoln Quotes with images. These quotes are useful for people from all walks of life.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes :

abraham lincoln quotes

Wherever you are in the world, be a good person.

abraham lincoln quotes

You are not bound to win, but you must always do the right thing.

abraham lincoln quotes

When we make someone our friend, then we reduce one of our enemies.

Our character is like a tree and tree shade is our reputation.

I never think that how can a man look at the sky and say that there is no God.

Always remember that your own determination is most important to succeed.

A man who has a mother like God can never be poor.

The best way to predict your future is to get it.

abraham lincoln quotes

Wherever you are, first make sure that you are in the right place or not and then get firm on it.

abraham lincoln quotes

Today we all believe in God; Because God is always right. But we always do the wrong things.

abraham lincoln quotes

Those who take away the freedom of others, those people also do not deserve freedom.

I laugh because I know I shouldn’t cry, that’s the truth.

We should always be prepared because someday our chance will come.

No man has a good memory of successful lying.

Everything I’ve learned in life is learned from books.

Things can only come for those who wait for him.

abraham lincoln quotes

When we do something good, we also feel good. And when we do bad, we also feel bad. This is religion.

abraham lincoln quotes

There is nothing worse in the world; Just sometimes our thinking gets bad.

abraham lincoln quotes

Today I am successful because I had a friend who believed in me.

Our happiness is our own responsibility.

You cannot do anything today and avoid the responsibility of tomorrow.

I don’t think much about the man who doesn’t think about tomorrow.

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God likes people who look ordinary and that is why he has made most of the ordinary people.

We cannot get true relief except time.

abraham lincoln quotes

People who look for the bad in people definitely find it.

abraham lincoln quotes

People are usually as happy as they try to be.

abraham lincoln quotes

If you do not like any man, then you should know them well first.

You cannot help people in what they themselves have to do.

No person can grieve a man who has faith in himself and trusts in the great God.

The best part of our life is our friendship.

To reduce the heartache of another, to forget oneself is the true humanity.

We must always believe that we can never fail in conflict.

abraham lincoln quotes

Books show us that our original ideas are not new at all.

quotes from abraham lincoln

I am sure to go slow, but I am never going to back down.

quotes from abraham lincoln

A true best friend is one who will let us read a book that we have not read.

quotes from abraham lincoln

I am grateful to my mother for everything that I am or hope to be.

When we are going to talk to people, first we should know what those people want to hear.

Achievements have no color.

Stay with a leader when he is right, but leave him immediately when he is wrong.

We should always know what is good for us and they should keep doing this till the end of life.