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Hello, Dear visitors. My name is Dhiren, from India. Founder of this website. This website is launched on date 20/05/2020. In this website, I publish different types of quotes with images from different authors, thinkers and entrepreneurs.

I also post the world’s best books short summary. So if you are interested in quotes and books, stay connected with me.

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Can we use the images on this website elsewhere?

You cannot use any images of my website in your website, because these images are copyrighted by Pickshortquotes.com. If you want to use images on social media, you can.

Are the quotes in this website copyrighted?

Yes. The quotes of this website are copyrighted by original authors.

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If you want to say anything or you have any questions or objections then you can send mail us anytime. I would be in touch with you very shortly.

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