7 Points For Success From Steve Jobs

You must be aware how successful and rich Apple Company is?

In fact, Apple is one of the richest companies whose Revenue was 260.174 billion dollars last year and its huge credit goes to Steve Jobs. So how to be successful in life like Steve Jobs? Let’s find the answer.

Steve Jobs was one of the most influential and inspiring person. We can learn a lot from Steve Jobs an interesting life and can follow it to make our lives successful.

Hence today we see 7 important lessons from his biography. I believe that these lessons are the actual reason why Steve jobs have become so successful.

And which made him achieve such revolutionary results, and even you can apply them in your life and can become successful and can achieve great results. So let’s start…

1) Feel Special:

Feel Special, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ childhood was different from normal children, he had two parents. Joanne Schieble Simpson and Abdulfattah John Jandali was a graduate student and they were in love with each other.

When Joanne went to Syria to Live with Abdulfattah, after some time she came to know that she is Pregnant. After this news, Joanne’s family strictly said No for Marrying Abdulfatteh.

And even Joanne and Abdulfatteh wasn’t ready for marriage. So they gave his child up for adoption, there was a wish by both Joanne and Abdulfatteh.

One couple should adopt their child but the couple who adopted that child was Clara who was an accountant. and Paul Jobs who was a mechanic and guard were not very educated.

After much discussion and argument, it is ready to educate the child. They finally become the parents of that child and name that child Steven Paul Jobs.

When Steve was around 5 or 6 years old at that time, a girl who used to be his neighbor taunt him and said that you are an Adopted child.

Listening to her, Steve went to her parents, crying and asked them the truth, Steve Parents accepted that fact and said:

“ You are very special and we have chosen you to be our son, really you are very special. ”

Steve’s Parents kept on saying to him that he is very special and this was the time from when Steve started feeling and believing that yes he is very special.

In his life so many incidents where Steve actually believed that he is special compare to others, and seriously this is one the reason for him achieving so many great things in his life.

Many people consider themselves very normal, hence they think of achieving normal things in life. But many time it’s important to think and consider ourselves special.

Because such a belief will give us confidence in order to do great things in life. Hence even you consider yourself Special but Yes Be logical.

2) Outside and Inside:

Outside and Inside, Steve Jobs

Steve’s Father was a great mechanic. He spends a lot of time in his garage while creating things. He used to make whatever he wants to make such as a cabinet, fans, cars, etc.

Steve spent most of his time with his father inside the Garage. His dad has created a workbench for Steve, where he can create what he likes. From here Steve Jobs’s curiosity related to creating something started.

He got curious about knowing how things are created or made he learned a lot of things from his father, but one lesson which he always remembered and followed that lesson was :

“ A real creator should not just focus outside but he should focus on inside too. ”

Whenever Steve’s father used to create Cabinet at that time he tells Steve that should also focus and work hard on the sides which aren’t visible.

Similarly, Steve’s father shows him a car every small detail. That this is the reason why Steve became a perfectionist related to designs and details.

Once when Steve was working on his Mac Product at that time he went to people who were designing Circuit Board. He went to them and shout at them and asked Why the Circuit board is not designed beautifully. Why the details aren’t great?

Listening to Steve, Designer said, what’s big deal, no one will open and see the designing of a circuit board. To which Steve Replied just like his Father: Just Because Cabinet, one side is hidden doesn’t mean that the worker will put bad wood on its backside.

No, we should make our product Beautiful and best by all means, from inside and outside both ways. Such thinking was the reason why Apple products became so beautiful and Attractive and the world went crazy for apple products.

Many people focus on things that are visible, whether it’s their product or character but if you want to be great then you must focus on inside and outside both and has to become the best.

3) Get Inspired:

Get Inspired, Steve Jobs

Since starting Steve was the kind of person who used to get inspired by people and Mentors. He gets inspired so much that he do and behave exactly like them.

For Example, When Steve stays in Mountain View, there most of the houses were built by Joseph Eichler. He built Inexpensive, smart and Beautiful houses with a Moto that Everyone Deserves Better Home.

Many people say that because of that inspiration Steve got an idea of creating Beautiful Advance Computers so that even maximum people can use it.

Now if you are thinking, that Apple doesn’t create products that can be used by normal people. Well, when Apple was starting its LISA Project. That Computer was designed for High Class and business class people and was very expensive.

But Steve wasn’t happy with it, he wasn’t ready for that. That’s the Reason He was removed from the LISA PROJECT. He wanted to Create Cheap and better performance LISA computers, which can be used by Maximum people, And Even Did That By creating MACINTOSH.

He was inspired a lot of times and that inspiration becomes the key to his success. Not only his professional life but his personality was too inspired by Robert Friedland.

Robert was a very charming person who used to Do LSD at a very young age. Steve considered him as his Mentor, which proved to be a wrong decision.

But Steve improved his Personality and communication by being with him which proved to be very beneficial for him. Similarly, even you should get inspired by good people and great mentors.

Which help you to move forward in life while making you a better person.

4) Good Artists Copy Great Artists Steal:

Good Artists Copy Great Artists Steal, Steve Jobs

Earlier in computers there used to be a black screen where only green color complicated codes were visible. But Xerox Parc a company which became so successful in creating photocopy machines.

That even today people say Xerox instead of Photocopy that same company Research Team has created a first personal computer.

That computer has a Graphical user interface in it, it had mouse, icons, windows and removable storage. That computer had various Future industries ideas.

When Steve jobs come to know about such invention at that time he gave an offer to Xerox. Steve said To Xerox, that he will let them buy Apple 1 lack shares in just 1 million.

If they agree to show them their new inventions and explain. Some gold diggers in Xerox Company find it a great deal, and it was a stupid deal for apple as per them.

And they accepted the offer, on the contrary, this proved to be a Revolutionary decision for Apple. Because Steve made Xerox Parc Technology in a much better way and used it in LISA AND MACINTOSH and Dominate the entire market. In an interview, Steve Jobs said:

” Expose yourself to the best things humans have done and brought it in what you are doing. If we use other best ideas then we will for sure get the success very fast. “

Hence if you want to achieve something huge in life then be bold and Copy Great ideas But legally. And create something which is beneficial for all.

5) Distorted Reality:

Distorted Reality, Steve Jobs

If you have seen Star Trek Movie, then you must be aware that there was a Planet where people can use their brainpower to create a perfect world in other’s minds.

They can create a world which they want, somewhat like Virtual Reality. People who have spent Time with Steve Jobs says that Steve used to live in Distorted Reality.

Means He was not very considerate about Facts and Figures and used to create reality as he wants, without accepting any other facts.

Many times he used to do things in a very wrong extent. For example: Not accepting his daughter, not accepting that he is going through Cancer.

But many times he used to Create Unbelievable results. For example Ones, He told his employee to complete a project that in short span of time. Because the same thing was created by Xerox Parc Researchers.

That employee took it as a challenge and worked really hard, and finished that project in a short span of time. But later that employee came to know that the thing which he had created was not created by anyone forget about Xerox.

Now it’s not necessary that Steve lied because many times he used to create realities on his own. Which even he used to considered to be true, even if it is not.

We all have the capability to do a lot of things, but we fail to believe that we can do it. Hence we fail to achieve. So by using this point logically you can make your life successful by improving your belief power.

6) Environment:

Stayed in Rich Environment, Steve Jobs

Steve’s Father always encouraged him to create things but it was not only about him, because at the age of 5 Steve started living in the place Mountain View.

Which used to be considered as Silicon Valley Revolutions heart. He has Startup people, innovators, engineers, video game creators, computer creators, microchip creators, etc.

Such electronic geeks were Steve’s, even a NASA Research Centre was near to his place. Now between these Creators, there was Special Person Too Larry Liege.

Larry Inspired Steve Jobs since his childhood. Larry work as a Radio Operator in HP Company. He used to teach much electronic related stuff to Steve.

From him Steve learn that even he can create any product if he truly wants to. This thing gave a lot of confidence Steve. Because Steve stayed in such a Rich Environment. Therefore Steve’s mentality was creator mentality, not consumer mentality which made him very successful.

See most people stay in an environment where they are asked to study and to take an order and to become a consumer. But Steve grew in such an environment where he was given a creator mentality.

Hence be with creators and innovators as much as possible because this will improve your success chances.

7) See Future:

See Future, Steve Jobs

Steve thinks about the future, he thinks whether the product will work in the future or not. When he comes to know about computers, he sees future fill with computers.

So when he saw Xerox Parc Invention he was so happy because he again saw the future of computers. Which was filled with all these technologies. Even Xerox didn’t realize the potential of their Inventions, but Steve knew its importance.

Therefore he put all his efforts into those inventions and dominate the market. Which Xerox Tried but Still FAILED. Hence if you want to do something huge like Steve Jobs then you must understand the Future Potential.

Now if you are thinking about how that is possible then for that you have to gain knowledge, you must stay up to date with technology. See what technology is coming, what use it can have in the future.

And the more you take knowledge the more you will know what will work in the future and what will not and work in the next big thing and become the Next Steve Jobs.

These were 7 lessons which we see from the book Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson. This is one of the best Biography which you must read.