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In this post, we are going to know about Jim Morrison. And see some of their quotes. Although this website is about quotes. So for that, we will learn about Jim Morrison in short. So let’s start.

Who is Jim Morrison?

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison in 1968

Jim Morrison’s real name is James Douglas Morrison. He was born on December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, United States. Jim is a famous American singer and songwriter. He worked as the lead singer of the rock band The Doors.

Jim was mostly known for his distinct personality and erratic performances. In addition, he is considered the most influential frontman in rock history.

Jim Morrison’s father’s name is George Stephen Morrison who was a rear admiral in the Navy. And his mother’s name is Clara Clarke Morrison.

About Jim Morrison’s Life :

Jim spent his childhood in San Diego. He completed his elementary education at San Diego’s Fairfax County Elementary School and Flatto Elementary School.

He went to Alameda High School in California for further study. And graduated from George Washington. He then took admission to Florida State University. Where he was arrested for drunkenness during a football match.

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He then attended the Morrison University of California. Where he obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the college’s UCLA film school. He then acted in several short films.

At the same time, he wrote lyrics for some of his songs. And he met Ray Manzarek. And in a very short time, both of them became very good friends. Manzarek was very impressed with the songs of Jim. So they together formed the Doors rock band in California.

Promotional photo of the Doors Rock Band
Promotional photo of the Doors Rock Band

Jim Morrison worked with the doors band for two years. And composed and sang many songs. Such as “Light My Fire”, “Break On Through”, “People Are Strange”, “Hello, I Love You”, “Roadhouse Blues”, “L.A. Woman”, and “Riders on the Storm”.

All of Jim Morrison’s songs were heavily sold and famous. During that time his name was included in Famous Singers. But in 1960, he got addicted to alcohol.

He suffered a lot because of that. His health deteriorated due to frequent drinking. And in 1971, he died at the age of 27 in Paris. However, no one knows the reason for his death.

Jim Morrison's grave
Jim Morrison’s grave

After his death, he named in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” in 2008.

Jim Morrison Quotes :

jim morrison quotes
A true friend is one who gives freedom to make what you are.

We should see ourselves as a huge and fiery shooting star that no one can stop. – Jim Morrison

Most people in this world are strange. – Jim Morrison

We mostly fear emotions more than our violence. – Jim Morrison

People from the place where we are strangers seem strange to us. – Jim Morrison

jim morrison quotes
We are able to feel our strength when we are in pain.

We all find our own life most strange. – Jim Morrison

The person who seeks heaven seems foolish to those who never thought of another world. – Jim Morrison

People are not interested in us when we are normal. – Jim Morrison

Once you make peace with the authority you become a good authority. – Jim Morrison

jim morrison quotes
Strengthen yourself in front of your deepest fears.

If you can become what you really are then you get true freedom. – Jim Morrison

No one can understand you better than you. – Jim Morrison

The man who makes his soul his face is the best man. – Jim Morrison

jim morrison quotes
Our future is uncertain but the end is always certain.

Jim Morrison Quotes On Death :

jim morrison quotes on death
This world is such that no one comes out alive.

We finally get death. But we mostly try for what we have already got. – Jim Morrison

People fear death even more than pain. – Jim Morrison

I think life hurts a lot more than death. – Jim Morrison

If we live life well than death cannot end it. Because we are always alive as memories. – Jim Morrison

jim morrison quotes on death
Death is not evil it makes us all angels.

Jim Morrison Quotes On Love :

jim morrison quotes on love
There is a lot of power in love, but love cannot save you from your destiny.

Real love is what allows a person to be who he really is. – Jim Morrison Quotes

Love is like a dream to me. – Jim Morrison Quotes

There is no need to be surprised if you get tears in love. – Jim Morrison Quotes

jim morrison quotes on love
Most people love only those who do drama.

Final Words :

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